EntertainmentThat will not happen in Dhanush's life anymore!.. He...

That will not happen in Dhanush’s life anymore!.. He has only one decision..


Actor Dhanush is the leading actor in Tamil cinema. Even though there were many criticisms saying that ‘Ivan is all a person’, he did not listen to all of them, and with his continuous efforts, he has reached the status quo today. That effort also knocked on the door of Hollywood.



Dhanush is standing his ground there as well, his recently released movie ‘Vaathi’ is getting a huge response. The film was produced in two languages, Tamil and Telugu, and was directed by a Telugu director named Venky Atluri.

There was a slight fear that Dhanush’s film would be affected by the films given by Telugu directors Vijay and Sivakarthikeyan before this. But the film has been released and is getting good response so far.



While Dhanush’s film career is wildly happier than he imagined, his personal life is in question. There was confusion among fans and celebrities alike as to what decision Dhanush is going to take after being separated from his wife.

Selvaraghavan has given a clear answer to this. Selvaragan starrer ‘Bahasuran’ is also getting a good reception due to its clash with Vathi. Because of this, when Selvaragavan was interviewed, he told some information about Dhanush.


Dhanush Selvaraghavan

Selvaraghavan was first married to actress Sonia Aggarwal. But within a few days there was a difference of opinion between them and they got divorced. At that time, Dhanush advised Selvara to ‘run with it, don’t make this mistake again, God has given you a good chance, always be single, that’s good’.

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If this advice is for his brother, he will not follow it? So it seems from Selvaraghavan saying that Dhanush wants to be Singla all the time.

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