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That’s what I am against!.. This is how the movie Leader 171 was made!.. Lokesh told the secret..

Rajinikanth 171: While the shooting of Rajinikanth’s 170th film is going on in full swing, the film’s director Lokesh Kanagaraj has given an update on the 171st film. Due to this, the fans are very happy.

After completing the shooting of Vijay’s Leo, Lokesh Kanagaraj has stepped into the promotions as a single man. He saw that the production company was not very risky. He is continuously giving interviews to all available channels. In it, he is giving various interesting comments about Leo and his film career.

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In an interview with Bismi, he talked a lot about his career and about the film 171 with Rajinikanth. From that, there were reports that Rajinikanth wanted to end his film career with Lokesh. He questioned whether this was true.

Lokesh replied, not at all. The Rajinikanth film happened by chance. One day Aniruthu and I were talking on the set of Leo. Then Anirudh asked how it would be if you told Rajini sir a story you had told. I said is that possible.

The next day, I went to Poise’s house and told the story to Anirudh as to why he had to be late. He wondered if he was fine too. That story has nothing to do with LCU. Lokesh said that this will be a new venture for me and Rajini sir.

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Also, this story has never been picked up by me. Everyone who heard this story felt energized. We are thinking of starting the shoot in March. He also said that this film will be made based on Chennai.

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