Home Android News The 10 best free applications for Android that have arrived on Google Play in recent weeks

The 10 best free applications for Android that have arrived on Google Play in recent weeks

The 10 best free applications for Android that have arrived on Google Play in recent weeks


Tired of the same old Android apps? Discover these 10 free applications for Android that have just arrived in the Play Store and are very worth it

The 10 best free applications for Android that have arrived on Google Play in recent weeks
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If you are also one of those who usually browse the Google Play Store searching new free apps all typesyou are in the right place, because, one more week, we have compiled for you the best zero-cost applications that have reached the store Google throughout these last weeks.

Without further ado, we present to you 10 free applications for Android that have only been on Google Play for a short timebut that you should not overlook.

State Protector

The first new application for Android that we recommend you try is Status Saver, a free tool thanks to which you will be able See your friends’ status updates on WhatsAppdownload them to your mobile device and share them quickly and easily.

In addition, all the photographs and videos of the States that you download are automatically saved to your Gallery and you can use this app anywhere as does not require an internet connection to work.

Google Play Store | State Protector

Simple document scanner

As its name suggests, this simple application allows you scan all types of documents and save them on your terminal as an image or as a PDF file.

Simple document scanner a completely free app, without ads or in-app purchasesthat respects your privacy, since all scanned documents They are saved only on your terminal.

Google Play Store | Simple document scanner

Blue VPN

The 10 best free applications for Android that have arrived on Google Play in recent weeks

If you are looking for a free and secure VPN, you should try Azul VPN, an Android VPN client that features military-grade encryption and a global network of servers spread throughout the world.

With Azul VPN you will be able browse the Internet anonymously and unblock multimedia content that is restricted in your country very easily, since this app does not require registration and has a really simple and intuitive interface.

Google Play Store | Blue VPN

depth wallpapers

If you are tired of the boring wallpapers that your mobile comes pre-installed, we encourage you to try Depth Wallpapers, a free app that offers you a very wide and varied catalog of High-quality wallpapers of all types of themes that have a depth effectwhich provides you with a tremendously immersive visual experience.

depth wallpapers a free ad-supported app which puts a limited amount of wallpapers at your disposal, since if you want to unlock them all you will have to go to checkout and make a single payment of 1.99 euros.

Google Play Store | depth wallpapers

whatsapp revive

WhatsApp Revive is an all-in-one application with which you will be able to manage your WhatsApp messages and multimedia files effortlessly, as it allows you recover deleted text messages and multimedia content, make a backup of all your WhatsApp chats and even restore entire conversations.

WhatsApp Revive is a free app with ads which you can download through the direct link to Google Play that we leave you below.

Google Play Store | whatsapp revive

AZ Video Downloader Master

The 10 best free applications for Android that have arrived on Google Play in recent weeks

AZ Video Download Master is a practical tool with which you will be able download a video from any social network in an easy and fast way thanks to its integrated browser.

This app supports a wide variety of video file formats such as mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, mov, avi or wmv and allows you to download multiple clips at the same time at maximum speed and save them in both a password-protected folder on your device such as a microSD card.

Google Play Store | AZ Video Downloader Master

Temporary mail – ExpressMail

If you are tired of SPAM flooding the inbox of your email accounts, you should try ExpressMail, a free application with which you will be able to easily create temporary and disposable email addresses to register for pages and online services from which you do not want to receive notifications in your personal email.

Google Play Store | Temporary mail – ExpressMail

Habit Tracking – Goal Tracking

Habit Tracker is a perfect application for all those people who are looking to create new habits, as it shows you your progress with nice grid-like graphics and heatmaps that are tile-based.,

Likewise, this app also allows you to customize your habits panel by modifying colors, icons, descriptions, and start and end dateset multiple reminders and create to-do lists for each habit.

Google Play Store | Habit Tracking – Goal Tracking

KnownCalls – Whitelisted Calls

KnownCalls is a call blocking app for Android thanks to which you will be able to combat SPAM and unwanted calls, since this tool will make your phone Automatically reject calls from numbers not in your contact list.

KnownCalls is a completely free application, without advertising or in-app purchaseswhich you can download using the direct link to the Play Store that we leave you below these lines.

Google Play Store | KnownCalls – Whitelisted Calls

Home Workout for Men

And we finish this list of new apps for Android with Men’s Home Training, a free application to get in shape from home that offers you a wide variety of workouts full of exercises, each of which has an explanatory video so that you can do it correctly and not get hurt.

In addition, this application shows you detailed analyzes that will allow you monitor muscle growth, track workout frequencyCheck the improvements you have made in both strength and endurance and track your weight changes.

Google Play Store | Home Workout for Men

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