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The 11 paid Android games that are hitting it right now

The 11 paid Android games that are hitting it right now


These games are destined to blow you away due to a myriad of factors: great graphics, devilish gameplay and timeless classics come together to give us hours of addiction.

The 11 paid Android games that are hitting it right now
These are the games that are sweeping the Play Store right now

The Android game market is incredibly extensive. This time we are going to bring a dozen paid Android games that are sweeping the Play Store. These titles are sweeping for their incredible features, both in its graphic section and in its gameplayThey all shine for a reason. All of them are new releases that have appeared very recently in the Android Play Store, although you can also opt for these paid games timeless apps that have been sweeping Android for years.

If you are looking for free games you are in luck. At Andro4All we have a compilation of the best free android games that they are already hitting it in this 2023.

In the list of paid games that are taking off on Android, you can find very interesting titles that are ready to take each other by storm in different fields. We find retro titles that come to the small screen so we can enjoy past glories and other very interesting, deep proposals that will allow us to imbue ourselves with the artistic side that video games also offer.

Paid Android games that are sweeping

Although it’s been a very short time since the year, real gems are already appearing this year. Each of them with their strengths. In short, they would be the following:

  • Endling *Extinction is Forever
  • Samurai Showdown 3
  • ACTing Minds
  • Escape from Norwood
  • Forward Escape: The Fold
  • Mega Man X
  • Tomb Raider Reloaded: Netflix
  • Ailment: dead standoff Premium
  • Caves of Lore
  • Happy Game
  • Gomorrah

Endling *Extinction is Forever

One of the most beautiful games that has come out on the mobile market is Endling *Extinction is Foreveran incredibly precious title that seeks to drink from great jewels such as Limbo either Little Nightmares. We embody the last adult fox on the planet who will have to carry their young in a survival journey by an environment totally devastated by the human being.

Thus, it is a really profound title that seeks to delve into an increasingly pressing situation for human beings: climate change.

Download on Google Play | Endling *Extinction is Forever | €9.99

Samurai Showdown 3

Samurai Showdown III Home Screen

This home screen will give great memories to lovers of “Neo Geo”

did you think amazing neo geo era? Well you’re in luck, as he returns with the amazing Samurai Showdown 3, one of the most beloved fighting games. Thus, we move to feudal Japan to get into the skin of one of the game’s characters to face off in devilish duels against our main rivals. A safe bet for lovers of fighting games.

Download on Google Play | Samurai Showdown 3 | €4.99

ACTing Minds

A middle-aged man is in a dream environment before a door and a dead tree

ACTing Minds proposes a psychological adventure

In ACTing Minds we get into the skin of Steve, a character who will fully immerse himself in a journey through his own brain. Is about an experimental game and developed based on the psychological theories that give the title its name, the Acceptance and Understanding Therapy or ACT for its acronym in English.

It’s not a game for everyoneBut certainly if you’re looking for a deeper dive into a character’s psyche, this is for you.

Download on Google Play | ACTing Minds | 2.49 euro

Escape from Norwood

In Escape from Norwood We are going to enjoy a conversational video game in which we will have to flee from the city of Norwood. For this we will have to explore it in depth while we reveal its ins and outs. It has a very new inventory and spell management for this type of video game, so it is highly recommended. Yes, it is a game bases most of its playable axes on reading.

Download on Google Play | Escape from Norwood | €7.49

Forward Escape: The Fold

If you like card games, this selection has not forgotten about you. We are before a very challenging game since it is a real roguelike. Yes, this means that if you lose you have to start over. This will force us to choose very carefully what steps we take and improve with each game to end up mastering the mechanics of the game in an incredible way.

Download on Google Play | Forward Escape: The Fold | €1.99

Mega Man X

Megaman X, a side scrolling action game in which we see how he is firing his weapon

The mythical Megaman needs no introduction, but this time he’s back for mobile | Image: PlayStore

Who does not know Megaman? Now one of its most beloved versions of all time is available to video game lovers in mobile format. It’s an incredibly complex and devilishly addictive side-scrolling arcade title. Besides, the charisma of his characters has made it a true icon of video game culture.

Download on Google Play | Mega Man X | €9.99

Tomb Raider Reloaded: Netflix

Lara Croft returns to the world where she was born: video games. Of course, this time it is not in Triple A format, but in a mobile iteration developed by Netflix. If you are a subscriber to the streaming service you can play it completely free. Although of course, it implies paying that monthly payment.

The game will propose different tests, although drink, in essence, from the mythical Temple Run.

Download on Google Play | Tomb Raider Reloaded: Netflix

Ailment: dead standoff Premium

We see a game with a dark and bloody setting in which it appears written "Dead Space atmosphere"

In Ailment: dead standoff we will be very scared | Image: Google Play

Ailment: dead standoff it has carved a niche for itself in the mobile format since its launch. It’s a competitive side-scrolling shooter that offers a really suggestive retro style. In addition, it also has a story mode whose biggest influence is Dead Space, the galactic horror title finds in this 2D version one of its main imitators. Thus, we are facing a very interesting title for the very low price that it has.

Download on Google Play | Ailment: dead standoff Premium | €1.79

Caves of Lore

With Caves of Lore we transported to the origins of western rpg. We are facing a title that drinks strongly from other classics such as baldurs gate and that offers us a magical and medieval world in which our characters have a really curious aesthetic based on pixels. In general, it is a demanding title and it is a true blockbuster in which the effort of a small team that wants to give everything for their passion for classic role-playing games has been deposited. If you are a lover of Dungeons and Dragons this title is made for you.

Download on Google Play | Caves of Lore | €11.99

Happy Game

Some smiley face emojis appear with knives in the game Happy Game

The psychedelic and “malrollero” atmosphere can be easily observed in Happy Game

Don’t be fooled by its name as it Happy Game it’s one of the strangest experiences in the Play Store. The game, called by its creators “psychedelic horror”, has as its background the story of a boy who has fallen asleep and is trapped in one of his nightmares. The objective of the player will be to free him from his bonds. The atmosphere is really cloudy and leaves an incredible bad body.

Download on Google Play | Happy Game | €5.99


On the outskirts of Naples unexpected things can happen. so it begins Gomorrah a mafia title that has a strong influence from the world of cinema. Thus, we are before a conversational adventure of an exceptional level and that will put us in the shoes of the protagonists of the homonymous novel and series and of international fame.

Download on Google Play | Gomorrah | €5.99



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