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The 25,000 euro Tesla will be manufactured in Germany

Germany has been the destination chosen by Tesla to establish its plant that will manufacture 25,000 euro cars

The 25,000 euro Tesla will be manufactured in Germany
The Tesla plant that will begin manufacturing its 25,000 euro cars already has a place to establish itself: Germany.

Tesla has put on the table the place where your new vehicle will be manufactured with a price of 25,000 euros. Germany has been the country chosen for the United States company to launch the development and manufacturing of an electric vehicle that will have a very competitive price.

The adoption of the electric cars It still has several barriers to overcome, price being one of the most important.. Not all users are willing to spend the enormous sum that some manufacturers ask for their electric vehicles. Now Tesla has decided to bet on a car with all its technology for 25,000 euros.

What does the 25,000 euro Tesla mean for the automotive sector?

The new Tesla factory will be located near BerlinThe exact location is not yet known, although choosing the vicinity of the city will have certain advantages such as road transportation of the vehicles produced and which, in this case, will be a 25,000 euro Tesla.

Although the place where these vehicles will begin to be manufactured has been revealed, The date on which Tesla will begin production of its new electric vehicles is not yet known. with a price of 25,000 euros. However, as indicated in Reuters The source indicates that it would be in the near future.

Entering the mass market is key to meeting Tesla’s goal of increase vehicle deliveries to 20 million by 2030. But an adverse economic situation and high interest rates have affected the demand for electric vehicleswhich has led Tesla and others to cut prices in recent months to try to stimulate sales.

Tesla’s 25,000 euro car would compete with other low-cost electric models, such as the Renault Zoe, the Volkswagen ID.3 or the Hyundai Kona Electric. These cars have a similar or lower price than Tesla, but offer less range and lower performance. Tesla car could have a competitive advantage if it manages to offer greater autonomy, greater speed and better technology.

Tesla’s German plant currently produces the Model YEurope’s best-selling EV. Musk has not given an update on how many cars he produces there since March, when he said he had produced 5,000 vehicles in a week, which is equivalent to about 250,000 annually.

Local authorities said in October they had asked the carmaker to submit more information about how its expansion plans would conform to nature conservation laws and would then make a decision on whether to approve them, without giving a time frame.

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