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The 4 new film channels coming to Movistar Plus+

The 4 new film channels coming to Movistar Plus+


Movistar’s Multi Cinema channels are renewed. 4 of the 10 are replaced by new ones

The 4 new film channels coming to Movistar Plus+
The operator’s cinema offering is renewed with these changes

Movistar Plus+ customers can now enjoy 4 new Multi Cinema channels. This is the name of the special channels of the blue operator’s television service, which are available for those who have contracted their Cinema package. They change every month, with several new ones being implemented while others are removed.

All April changes for Multi Cinema

The Multi Cinema service is only available for users who have contracted the Cinema package (10 euros per month). These will be able to enjoy 10 exclusive dials through your UHD decoder. Of the 10, they almost never change the channels of all of them, most of the time they only change half or an approximate number. This time there were 4:

  • Dial 200: Multi From paper to screen replaces Multi Oscar
  • Dial 201: Spanish-style Multi Families replaces Multi Vidas
  • Dial 202: Multi Woody Allen
  • Dial 203: Multi Woman
  • Brand 204: Multi Super Animated
  • Brand 205: Multi Sagas
  • Mark 206: Multi Pure Terror!
  • Dial 207: Multi Adult Animation replaces Multi Musical
  • Dial 208: Multi Middle East
  • Dial 209: Multi Judicial Cinema replaces Multi Oeste

Multi Cinema channels They are grouped between dials 200 and 209. They never leave these, even if the name of each channel and its programming are modified. For example, Judicial Cinema until now occupied dial 209, but it has been replaced by Multi Oeste, which will remain on said dial until another channel replaces it, but, equally, the dial will not change.

As we indicated at the beginning of the article, these channels They can only be viewed through the Movistar Plus+ UHD decoder for television and only for those who have contracted the Cinema package. Precisely because of this, if you try to view them from the Movistar website or other means, it will be impossible for you.

The theme of the channels follows a event, theme, character or genre. For example, Last February the Multi Woody Allen channel was introducedin tribute to the New York director, which coincided with an interview on Movistar Plus+ with that same. The channel offered its most notable titles. However, it may happen that instead of one focused on a director, it is on an event, such as Halloween, broadcasting, in this case, horror, suspense and gore films.

david trueba woody allen

Photo: Enric Arimany for M+

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