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The 7 best free video editors for Windows

In this article you will find the best options you have on the market to edit video in Windows for free.

The 7 best free video editors for Windows
A free video editor will help you carry out your projects without paying anything.

This is a compilation that includes the best video editors for Windows that you can use for free on your computer. Some of the alternatives that I propose are local programs that can be installed on any computer. However, I also suggest some video editing websites directly from the browser. Best of all, some of these tools also have video editing apps for android.

Stay until the end and learn about the most recommended free video editors for Windows to carry out your projects. In each section I’ll tell you the most important thing about each proposal.talking about the options and tools it includes.


Clipchamp is a publisher of free videos for pc which offers a wide range of functions for video editing, even if you don’t have much experience in this world. This platform allows you to start projects of various sizes directly from your web browser and with its Windows app. You can easily make edits, add special effects, text, transitions, music and much more.

The 7 best free video editors for Windows

This editor, now owned by Microsoft, can be used on the web or as a local program in Windows

Additionally, it allows screen and webcam recording, and offers advanced features such as green screen editing, overlays and artificial intelligence voice-overs. This editor stands out for its set of features and smart shortcuts that make it easy to create amazing videos, saving you time in the process.

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Canva is a versatile tool that, in addition to being an image editor, allows the creation of videos for free. With this tool, you can give a professional touch to your visual content. It offers YouTube templates that help you improve the quality of your videos, tutorials, and other content formats.

The 7 best free video editors for Windows

Although Canva is a complete online graphic editor, it also has a video section, many of them free

It also has options for creating videos for TikTok and the famous Instagram Stories. As if that were not enough, all your work can be shared with others and worked in real time.

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cap cut

Some time ago, I published a CapCut guide with various tricks to get the most out of this editor on Android. However, you should know that It is not only available for mobile devices. Actually, you can also download it for free on your PC. Best of all, the functions that are already present in its app for Android and iOS have now been brought to the desktop.

The 7 best free video editors for Windows

CapCut’s desktop interface helps you work more broadly. This is highly recommended if the project is heavy and complex.

This program is a swiss army knife for video editing. It has all kinds of tools that will make things very easy for you. For example, it allows you to remove the background, improve the quality, correct the color and even convert speech to text, converting the result into synchronized subtitles. It is an option that is very worthwhile, there is no doubt.

Learn more about this tool here.

open shot

Now I’m talking to you about open shot. It is a completely free video editor that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It allows you to make your creations in the classic multitrack format. Add videos, photos and audio to the timeline and start editing your video in just a few seconds.

If you review its functions, you will quickly realize that it is a program that will provide you with everything you need, from transitions and effects to a complete title editor. As if that were not enough, in addition to not costing a euro, it is open source.

Learn all about OpenShot on your official website.

shooting cut

Shotcut is an editor cross-platform, free and open source. One of the benefits it has is that it is compatible with hundreds of audio and video formats and codecs thanks to the integration of FFmpeg. Additionally, it allows native editing, without the need for import, making it easy to manipulate timelines, resolutions and frame rates in a variety of projects. It also comes with additional features such as screen capture, webcam and audio, as well as network stream playback. It can handle resolutions up to 4K and allows capture from various sources.

The 7 best free video editors for Windows

Shotcut, a complete video editor that you can use completely free

Shotcut’s interface is intuitive, with multiple Dockable and undockable panels that provide access to different useful data during editing. Another of its strong points is its ability to drag and drop resources from the file manager, making everything much faster.

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Free VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a free multimedia package which will be interesting for you if you want to get started in video editing and have a limited budget. With over 5 million users worldwide, this tool offers a wide range of features for editing videos, enhancing audio, recording voiceovers, and capturing desktop screen.

The 7 best free video editors for Windows

VSDC Free Editor is a good option for those who are looking for a complete video editor and have a limited budget

Among its advantages is compatibility with all popular formats and codecs, a powerful tool to remove green backgroundsan extensive set of video effects, filters and transitions, as well as other essential zoom or 360 video editing tools. In addition, it offers convenient export profiles for various devices and works with modest equipment thanks to low requirements.

Download this editor from its official website.

DaVinci solve

DaVince Resolve is one of the most complete video editors on this list. It is a alternative focused on the professional environmentas it is used in renowned studios and productions. However, it will also help you when creating eye-catching content for social networks or even personal films.

Best of all, its regular version is completely free. If you need advanced features, you will have to pay for the paid version, DaVinci Resolve Studio. However, in most cases, the option provided for free on your website will be more than enough.

Take a look at the app information here.

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