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The American government hung a huge lawsuit on Apple – PCW

The American government hung a huge lawsuit on Apple – PCW


The people of Cupertino have to fight their toughest battle yet, which could have serious consequences for apple products.

In the European Union, the legislation on digital markets entered into force on March 6 without restrictions prescribed for Appleto make the iOS operating system and the App Store more open in the spirit of fair market competition, and now it looks like the company may be forced to make similar changes in the United States.

The United States Department of Justice, together with 16 member states, filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing the Apple company of abusing its position to unfairly limit competition in the mobile market, in violation of US antitrust laws.

THE Action filed in New Jersey District Court writes a whole long criminal record on Apple’s account, partially overlapping with the areas in which the European Union regulation also forced the company to make corrections:

  • Interfering with the distribution of certain innovative applications that would facilitate switching between smartphone platforms.
  • Restrictions on cloud-based streaming services that offer video games and other cloud-based applications.
  • Exclusion of cross-platform messaging applications (the plaintiffs are referring to iMessage, which is only compatible with Apple devices.)
  • Limiting the functionality of non-Apple smartwatches.
  • Restriction of third-party digital wallets.

In a statement related to the lawsuit, Jonathan Kanter, the deputy attorney general of the Justice Department’s antitrust division, said that for years Apple had imposed contractual rules and restrictions to ensure that it could extract higher revenues from consumers and developers while stifling competitive alternatives to rival technologies. The procedure would therefore hold the company accountable and ensure that it cannot repeat this scenario in other vital markets.

In its own statement, Apple emphasized that the company develops products that work smoothly, are safe and respect people’s privacy, but the lawsuit threatens the principles that make this possible. According to the Cupertinos, the procedure would ultimately prevent the creation of products based on the tight intertwining of hardware, software and services, and would set a “dangerous precedent” by empowering the government to interfere in the design of technologies aimed at consumers.

Regardless of which side the court rules, the proceedings will be Apple’s biggest battle to date, far surpassing in importance the memorable patent infringement litigation against Samsung or the antitrust proceedings against Epic Games, since the American market is vital for the company, and with the failure of the lawsuit, its head it can be topped by the fearfully guarded apple ecosystem of the people of Cupertino, which is very profitable in its current form.



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