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The app launched by the CSIC to fight against climate change

Bioclima is a free application launched by the CSIC to record information on the development of flora in Spain.

The app launched by the CSIC to fight against climate change
Climate change threatens Spanish ecosystems

The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has launched an application called ‘Bioclima’ that will allow citizens do your bit to stop climate change. Through it, the changes in the flora caused by this can be evaluated, such as the moment in which the first flower sprouts or its fall.

Information is power

The objective of the app is to understand how climate change affects Spanish ecosystems. Thus invites its users to record typical eventssuch as the fall of flowers or reproduction, since the final objective is for the CSIC to obtain the data of all possible people.

Can download it for Android and iPhone through the following links:

Download Bioclima for Android

Download Bioclima for iPhone

Phenology is the science that studies the effects of climatic variations on plant life cycles And animals. This involves everything from its growth to its reproduction, including any element derived from said changes. Living beings do not develop the same at different times, and this is what we want to study with the app, in the case of plants.

The records made by users will be stored in the Biodiversity Data Bank, which will form a national data network. Thus, The CSIC may take the different information to make averages or compare the changes in the different areas of Spanish territory. It is not the first government application to be launched in Spain, others had already been launched previously, such as It is to warn of mosquitoes.

Its operation is very simple. Once you have downloaded the application, of course for free, you have to log in with an email, Facebook or Apple account. In doing so, 3 options will be shown in the main menu:

  • + Information: To know more about this
  • Form: To submit a registration
  • History: Show all the records you have sent

If you select Form, you will be redirected to a section where you must fill out the information in several fieldsamong them the species of the plant and the change that occurred. Additionally, you can insert images. All your records will be saved and you can see how many you have sent from History.

It is a project promoted and coordinated by the Desertification Research Center (CIDE)belonging to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) thanks to the co-financing of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Biodiversity Foundation. If it is ultimately successful and helps in the fight against climate change, will it be part of the optimistic prediction from Bill Gates?

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