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The attractive girl of 80s kids!.. Deepa made you yearn from childhood to Peru!..

Actress Deepa is the glamorous girl who captivated Tamil cinema fans in the 80s with her charming beauty and acting. Just hearing his name was a divine ragam for 80s cuties…. The Devitatha song comes to mind.

Antarangam, Rozapoo Ravikkaikari, Kalyana Parveres, Nallathuru Kettam, Manthoppu Kiliye, Ullasaparvaigall, Johnny, Munthanai Mudicchu, Kokila again are all Shema Mass films. He is from Ernakulam, Kerala. Birth name Unni Mary.

God can only give such a gift to some people. It is eternal youth. Sivakumar can be mentioned among the actors. Deepa is one of the actresses. They have gone missing for a long time. However, it is still green when he recovers his memories. Actor Sivakumar has given such a share about him.

Till the beginning of 90s, Deepa was the dream girl of the fans, acting in almost 300 films in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. He got married at the height of his fame. That’s it.

Actress Deepa


After saying goodbye to cinema, he went to Kerala and settled down. But even today it is the same actress Deepa who has stayed in our memories and lives without losing her youthful luster.

No matter how many years have passed, Deepa’s booty beauty has not changed even though she holds her grandson Rehaan in her arms. Husband name is Rajoy Alfus. Son Nirmal. Daughter-in-law Ranjani.

He came back from Chennai for a program with his grandson Rehaan. He was easily identified by that rosy face.

Although 25 years have passed in between, it looks like only five or six years of maturity. It seemed like the boon that Deepa had bought.

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