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The authors of Life Is Strange do not plan to return to the episodic release model

The authors Life Is Strange: True Colors from Deck Nine toldthat are unlikely to return to the episodic release model of their projects.

This was mentioned by the Chief Narrative Designer Philip Lawrence, noting that the reaction to the studio’s latest project and the form of its release has been positive. The creators tried to keep the episodic structure of the story, because it is liked by the players and is a natural part of the Life is Strange franchise, associated with the moment of choice in the story. But the game itself still came out immediately “entirely”.

During the development process, the authors doubted whether they had made the right decision, but in the end it turned out to be successful. Lawrence added that this way players were able to choose the pace of the passage themselves, if desired, without pausing between episodes – in the past, this necessity annoyed some.

True Colors was compared to a TV miniseries, where the format allowed the writers to concentrate more on developing the story itself. There was no more turmoil with the choice of priority moments for the new episode.

Nothing has been announced about specific plans for the new part, but in the past, the authors of the series from Don’t Nod hinted at new projects. Although it is quite possible that the next Life Is Strange (and franchise) will be dealt with by Deck Nine in the future.

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