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The best hidden news that has arrived on your iPhone with iOS 17.2

Hidden functions have also been incorporated in iOS 17.2 and we will tell you all about them.

The best hidden news that has arrived on your iPhone with iOS 17.2
The hidden news that has arrived in iOS 17.2

We are going to inform you about the hidden news that has arrived on your iPhone with iOS 17.2. In addition to the main functions such as diary app oh Apple Music favorite songs listOther functions that are not obvious at first glance have also been incorporated, such as the ability to change the default notification sound.

Throughout this article, we will list the secret functions that have arrived in iOS 17.2 so you can get to know them and make the most of this new version of the operating system, which has introduced a total of 57 news between main functions and small details. NextWe present these hidden news to you.

Hidden new features of iOS 17.2

iOS 17.2 represents one of the great updates of iOS 17, since, in addition to the most obvious new features, It also includes other more hidden but equally important functions. Below, we present some of these new features:

  • Weather App: The Weather application has incorporated various new features in iOS 17.2. On the one hand, new widgets have been added that show more detailed information. In addition, a new ten-day forecast, the amount of expected rainfall and an interactive lunar map have been included.
  • tv app: Apple has removed the separate tabs that previously displayed movies and TV shows in the Store section of the TV app on iPhone and iPad.
  • iTunes app: The option to purchase and access series and movies through the iTunes Store application has been removed. Now, users are redirected to the TV app.
  • Face to face: When you join a call involving someone you’ve blocked, you’ll receive a warning about it.
  • Books app: In the Books app, the “Fast Fade” feature has been introduced for the page turning animation.
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iOS 17.2 has brought many hidden new features to your iPhone

  • News in Memoji: As for Memoji, Apple has added an additional section called “Body” when creating a Memoji, allowing users to customize the waist, bust, shoulders, and arms.
  • siri: The iPhone assistant can now access health data in iOS 17.2, although it is currently only available in English. Users can ask the assistant about any health data such as steps taken, calories burned, etc.
  • Qi2 support: iOS 17.2 makes the iPhone 13 and 14 Qi2 compatible, meaning they can be charged with accessories that meet this standard.
  • Return of the bubble wallpapers: The iconic wallpapers introduced in iOS 7 return in iOS 17.2 after being removed in iOS 17.

Although they have been introduced many new features in iOS 17.2A variety of features are still to come, such as Apple Music’s collaborative charts, which were removed and were not released in this version, but will arrive in iOS 17.3. This version will also include the new anti-theft feature for iPhoneswhich will allow you to stop using the code for certain sensitive actions and start using Face ID or Touch ID. A version that is expected to be released at the end of next month.

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