Android NewsThe best-selling micro SD is neither Samsung nor SanDisk,...

The best-selling micro SD is neither Samsung nor SanDisk, and it has 256 GB with 100 Mbps speed


This model sold on Amazon has been quite a sensation in the final stretch of the year 2022.

The best-selling micro SD is neither Samsung nor SanDisk, and it has 256 GB with 100 Mbps speed
You can use it to expand the memory of your laptop, mobile, tablet and even your TV with a compatible reader.

With each passing year, high-end mobile manufacturers tend to get rid of the slots for micro SD cards. However, I would say that 75% of mobile phones on the current market they still keep this slot to expand memory. In any case, a micro SD card will not only serve you for a mobile, but for many other devices.

portable, wifi security camerasportable players, tabletsconsoles… They have many uses and are getting cheaper every day. We have seen that brands such as Samsung and SanDisk continue to be among the best sellers in the segment, but there is a model from another brand that is hitting it on Amazon. And it is none other than Amazon Basics 256 GB modelAmazon’s own brand that every year launches more and more products with its personal stamp.

Micro SD Amazon Basics (256 GB)

Amazon’s most purchased card at a good price

portable micro SD

They can be used as a memory expansion in a laptop.

Although we all know the good work on memory cards from firms such as SanDisk, Kingston or Samsung, Amazon Basics is standing out with great quality and good prices. This model has 256GB capacitya fairly competitive memory to use in cameras, sports cameras, mobile phones or tablets and thus add both memory and speed of image processing and app installation.

This model also has a high speed of read up to 100 Mbps, and write up to 90 Mbps. It is one of the fastest on the current scene, and taking into account that it costs only 30 eurosIt is a more than recommended purchase. With these speeds it is perfect for a camera or mobile that deals with images and video in 4Kand even for a portable console like the Nintendo Switch that frequently moves games, saves, and installs heavy updates.

This is one very reliable cardwith a wide resistance against blows and even facing the water with IPX6 certificate. It also withstands temperatures of between -10ºC and 80ºC. It will not be affected by X-rays or magnetic interference of any kind such as magnets.

The podium of the best sellers is completed by Samsung and SanDisk

Although the Amazon Basics card is good and has a very cheap price for all that it offers, Samsung and SanDisk each have micro SD cards that are located in a 2nd and 3rd place on this podium of the best sellers.

SanDisk Extreme (64GB)Samsung EVO Select (128GB)

These two cards are behind Amazon’s, with these capabilities. They are cards of high read/write speed of up to 160 Mbps that are equally suitable for all uses that you can imagine

If you need to buy a micro SD card right now, any of these three options will come in handy. They are fast, high capacity and can treat high-resolution content and large files lightly.

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