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The biggest help asked by Sathyaraj at an unexpected time… the captain who intervened without thinking… what will it be?



Sathyaraj used to play villains in many movies in the beginning. His first movie was “Chattam En Kaye”. After this movie, Sathyaraj acted in many movies like “Kannan En Kaikukulanthai” and “Enipedigal”. Sathyaraj acted as the lead actor in the 1986 movie “Kadalora Kavyatal” directed by Bharathiraja.



Villain of top actors

Sathyaraj has acted as a villain in the films of top actors like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. Examples of this are films like “Vikram”, “Mr. Bharat”, “Kakich Chatai”, “Thambikku Any Ooru”.

Sathyaraj with Vijayakanth

Sathyaraj has acted in many films starring Vijayakanth as the lead. Examples of such films are “Nuroothu Naan”, “Tomorrow is Your Day”, “January 1”, “Happy Dreams”, “Raman Sri Raman”.

Nooraavathu Naal

Nooraavathu Naal

“The Hundredth Day”

The 1984 thriller film ‘Nuruthana Naan’ starring Vijayakanth, Mohan, Nalini and Sathyaraj. The film was directed by Manivannan. The film became the most terrifying thriller of its time.

Especially Sathyaraj’s look in it scared many of the audience. Sathyaraj had shown such a villainous performance.

Help sought from Vijayakanth

A few years ago, Sathyaraj had shared an interesting incident during the shooting of the film on a public platform. In other words, when he was acting in the movie “Hundredth Day”, Sathyaraj did not get many film opportunities. So he told Vijayakanth, “VG, I could not come forward as an actor in life. I want to become a director. If you give me your call sheet, I will make a film with you and become a director.

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Vijayakanth and Sathyaraj

Vijayakanth and Sathyaraj

Vijayakanth immediately intervened saying yes. However, Sathyaraj did not get the chance to direct with Vijayakanth. Later Sathyaraj directed the movie “Villathi Villain”. It is noteworthy that Sathyaraj played three roles in the film.

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