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The blow given by Leo!.. Lokesh who changed the whole story!. Leader 171 Parapara Update!..

Thalaivar 171: Lokesh Kanagaraj became one of the leading directors with films such as Kaithi and Master, though he gained attention with Mahanagaram. The success of Vikram, which he directed with Kamal, took him somewhere. The film grossed more than 400 crores.

The success of Vikram made Lokesh Kanagaraj a fan base. With that. They created panic by saying something new as LCU. Mesmerized by it, Lokesh took the film Leo along with Vijay. No film in Tamil cinema has ever generated so much anticipation.

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Fans and media have talked a lot about this film. But, after the release of the film, it did not meet the expectations of the fans. Especially in the second half of the film many people said that the screenplay was not right. Lokesh Kanagaraj also accepted this.

On the one hand, Lokesh was confirmed to direct Rajinikanth’s 171st film when Leo was made. But, the result of the film Leo has made Rajini think a little. So, Lokesh Kanagaraj is writing the story very carefully. He completely changed the story he told Rajini first. Also, Lokesh has written a novel story unlike the stories he has written so far.

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It is said that in this film there will be no drugs that usually appear in his films. Also, Sivakarthikeyan is not acting in this film. It will also be a different film in Rajinikanth’s career. The film will be produced by Sun Pictures with a huge budget.

Rajinikanth is currently acting in a film called Vedatiyan. After the shooting of this film, he will act in Lokesh’s film. This is Rajinikanth’s 171st film. Lokesh Kann is also writing the story as a concept, who is sure that this film should not receive negative reviews like what happened in the film Leo.

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