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The building is strong… But the basement is very weak… Chinmai broke the secret…

Singer Chinmayee: Chinmayee is one of the Tamil cinema singers. He has sung songs in many languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. She made her debut as a singer in the Tamil film Kannathil Muthamidal. His first song was Ekur Deivam Tanta Poove. This song was very popular among the people.

He has also lent background voice to leading heroines in many movies. Chillunu has lent background voice to heroines in many movies like Oru Kaadhal, Sura. His voice for Trisha in the movie Vinnai Thandi Varuaya was hugely popular among the youth.

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He was trending on social media a few years ago. With the hashtag Me too, he highlighted all those who sexually harass women in the film industry. Vairamuthu’s name was also included in it.

He has also hosted many television programs. She is married to Raghu Ravindran. They have two children. She has recently lent background voice to Trisha in Vijay starrer Leo. But through this he faced many problems. He has been banned from the dubbing association for some time. There is a law that people who are not in that association should not do dubbing anywhere. Now he has voiced in the movie Leo, so he has been severely criticized.

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Apart from this, he shared about his character in a recent interview. Although she has come across as a very brave woman on social media, she is afraid to watch sad scenes in movies. And the first question he asks the director whenever he goes to see any film is whether the film can have a sad climax or a happy one.

Perhaps if it is a sad movie, he will not watch it. Even though cinema is an act, Chinmayi avoids sad scenes. It’s fun to listen to.

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