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The celebrity who gave away the superstar title to Rajini!… This is how this thing happened!

Rajinikanth: This superstar panchayat in Tamil cinema never rests. How did Rajini get this title when that talk was raised often. Famous critic Dr. Kandaraj has given the information about what he said in his interview.

From his interview, Rajinikanth faced no major opposition when he started in cinema. At that time there were big stars like Shivaji and Kamal. Those who don’t like them have written off Rajini. It is wrong to say that he suffered in cinema because of this.

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Similarly, he had a love failure at the very beginning of his film career. When he is freed from it, he sees Lata and falls in love with her. He immediately falls in love with Lata as she looks like his old girlfriend. Their marriage was very simple.

He didn’t invite anyone else. But it is not true to say that Amala and Rajini were in love. Their pairing was required for the film. It will only be done for the promotion of the film. Similarly, he was not given the title of superstar right away.

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Bhairavi in ​​which he starred was produced by Thanu. He had a habit. He would give a title to the actors acting in his film. Rajinikanth’s performance in Tamlu Mudichi was excellent. This marked the peak of his career. That’s why he gave Rajini a superstar title too.

However, the film got stardom at the age of 16, more than Bhairavi. His role in the film was critically acclaimed. Rajini also earned the title of superstar. He also mentioned that journalists also celebrated him.

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