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the cheapest Galaxy phones will have AMD graphics

Samsung’s new Exynos 1480 chipset will give life to future mid-range Galaxy phones, confirming an Xclipse GPU powered by AMD.

Samsung revives its Exynos: the cheapest Galaxy phones will have AMD graphics
Samsung extends AMD-powered Xclipse GPUs to the most affordable cut.

It was this a well-founded rumor which was extended a few weeks ago. And it was so well founded, because now we can confirm that indeed Samsung plans to bring AMD-powered Xclipse graphics to its mid-range Galaxygiving much more meaning to its Exynos chipsets that are now not in the flagship and giving more credentials to their affordable mobile phones to be among the best mid-range in the Android catalog.

We know this because the South Korean giant has leaked more details of its next Exynos 1480 chipset medium and offset cut, a system on chip that just as our classmates told us, GizChina has been sighted in the tests of geek bank for show us muscle and reveal important data that we now tell you, as indeed that of its GPU.

So, we already know that after the Xclipse 920 of the Exynos 2200 launched last year, the new Exynos 1480 will have the Xclipse 530 leaving for the future (and promising) Exynos 2400 a hypothetical Xclipse 940 that would evolve into the most premium and performance range.

It is not something unexpected, because We all thought that the collaboration with AMD would not remain stagnant much less focused on high-end, since this is something that neither Samsung nor AMD is interested in due to pure economy of scale, although we did not know if the South Korean giant would continue betting on its chipsets or in what ranges it was going to move in the coming months with the Exynos.

Samsung revives its Exynos: the cheapest Galaxy phones will have AMD graphics

Samsung’s Xclipse 530 GPU is already visible in charge of the graphics of the Exynos 1480 chip.

The truth is that the landing of these RDNA architectures developed together with AMD It was one of the most important developments and evolutions in recent years for Samsung chips, which they premiered the ray tracing on mobile and they promised to greatly improve the performance of the ARM Mali-G used previously.

However, the premiere was not all that good neither in raw results nor in terms of compatibility, reporting many problems especially in its first weeks, so Samsung has skipped a year to evolve more and better in order to seriously compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 in the coming years.

It seems that things have improved, because now The Xclipse also extends to the medium and more offset cutstarting from this Exynos 1480 that reaps good results in points of reference It is still a prototype tested from development platforms that do not squeeze it, presenting a Eight core CPU in big.LITTLE configuration with speeds of 4x 2.75 GHz and 4x 2.05 GHz.

Samsung revives its Exynos: the cheapest Galaxy phones will have AMD graphics

The passage of this Samsung Exynos 1480 through the Geekbench tests.

In the first quarter of 2024 we should have more news about the chip, as it is rumored that The first mid-range Galaxy phones with Exynos 1480 will arrive in spring next year, which will involve official announcements between February and March… We’ll be alert!

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