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The Chrome browser gets new artificial intelligence capabilities – PCW

Google Chrome’s repertoire is expanding with useful tricks, mainly with AI.

Little by little, there are hardly any areas left that have not been affected by artificial intelligence, since not only the Internet has been overwhelmed by services that take advantage of it, but also the phones and software is under siege, among them for example with Photoshop and web browsers.

As for the latter category, Microsoft opened the line by integrating the GPT-based Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) and the DALL-E image generator into Edge, but in the meantime the great rival Google is not resting either, and now immediately also presented three AI-based noveltieswhich will debut in Chrome 121 over the coming period.

One of these is the Tab Organizer function, which uses machine learning to create automatic groupings of currently open tabs. So, for example, if we are looking for a vacation destination, but we can’t decide right away, we can easily save the websites we are currently browsing in such a group of pages so that we can continue our search from the same place later.

The second trick concerns the beautification of Chrome: the generative backgrounds introduced in Android 14 and Pixel 8 mobiles will also arrive in the browser, so with a text command and setting a few details, we will be able to create new Chrome backgrounds on any topic in seconds.

Finally, the Help Me Write function can even help productivity, which, like ChatGPT, can generate arbitrary texts by specifying the goal, thereby helping you write e-mails. For example, if we want to find out if a hotel is dog-friendly, all we have to do is type it succinctly into the Help Me Write pop-up window, and the artificial intelligence will generate a complete, politely worded paragraph on the topic for us.

All of the mentioned features are experimental, so you have to enable them separately in the “Experimental AI” tab of the menu marked with three dots, but at first they will only be available in the United States. Unfortunately, the search giant did not say when they will be available in the rest of the world. In addition to all this, Google promises to bring additional machine learning and AI-based functions to the browser in the future, including the new Gemini MI model by integrating.

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