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The cleaning robots work quietly, quickly and reliably

The building maintainers welcomed the advanced solutions with celebration.

The domestic introduction of PrexRobot CEE Kft., which distributes cleaning robots that speak seven languages ​​and work with amazing knowledge and efficiency, was a great success. The smart machines with advanced technology also impressed the managers of the cleaning companies gathered from all over the country. The next presentation was already organized for the building maintenance professionals of the LEO Association, the success even surpassed the previous meeting.

“The aim of the presentations was for our potential partners to see: our latest generation machines no longer represent the distant future, but the present,” explained Zsolt Bökönyi, managing director of PrexRobot CEE Kft.

“The future is already knocking on our door, greeting us on our birthdays, serving the holiday cake and cleaning up the leftovers from the ground.”

It is also a factor that cannot be neglected, as he said: “The system of industrial cleaning robot families results in more reliable work, which is characterized by 80 percent water savings, fresh water protection, and the reduction of the ecological footprint in buildings.”

The fact is that some robots can clean a surface of 3000 square meters per hour in addition to a useful battery charge. If necessary, it will return to the dock on its own, draining waste water, recharging itself with electricity and clean water.

These robots are already cleaning in many places abroad. In European hypermarkets and supermarkets, shops, airports, car factories, railway stations, stadiums, warehouses and more, we could list its areas of use. They work quietly, quickly and reliably, and if an unexpected obstacle gets in their way, they solve the problem after quick thinking.

The level of interest in them at home is also clearly indicated by the fact that countless partners have already bought or ordered from them, and they have also been deployed in a wide variety of locations. Zsolt Bökönyi asserts: just as during the industrial revolution, machines are not taking away people’s work now. Human labor will always be needed, but with smart robots, the owner can save time, money and energy.

“This is a great aid for people, because they do their work much more efficiently. Of course, it is also true that they will transform our lives. The more decision-makers and company managers recognize this, the more courageously they will use robots. From the feedback received after the presentation, the it turned out that the interested parties successfully understood all this information.”

Zsolt Bökönyi revealed: they help their partners with cleaning robots with personalized financial plans. It is also possible to buy, lease and long-term rental. Although we are talking about extremely reliable machines, the experienced engineering team works with a cloud-based maintenance and update system. In addition, during the service, the delivery and provision of the replacement device is solved, and the delivery is carried out by PrexRobot.

The unique characteristic of the Facility management (FM) sector is that it encompasses and employs a wide variety of professions. There are more than 990 vacancies listed, from industrial machinist to gardener to cleaning staff. The most pressing shortage of these is in Budapest, the agglomeration and Western Hungary.
To ensure professional support of the highest quality training and efficient work, PrexRobot closely cooperates with the FM-Unity company group, which is a member of the Leo Association. It came naturally that Zsolté Bökönyi would introduce the possibilities offered by cleaning robots to the professionals of the association.

Digitization and globalization also encourage the facility management sector to constant development and change, receptive to new solutions and products that meet ever-increasing needs. Many people think that the members of the association are in competition with each other. But this is not true. While the parties share their knowledge and innovations, they also support each other.

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