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The conflict between MGR and Vali!.. The leader was shaken by Vali’s actions in anger!..

During the 60s, the Golochiyas were Sivaji, MGR, and Gemini who were the moovendras in cinema. In it, Shivaji and MGR came to cinema as two great poles. Both had separate groups. The director who directed Shivaji does not direct MGR.

The director who directed MGR does not direct Sivaji. Like this many technicians were separate from Shivaji to MGR. In that respect, the two had in common lyricists Kannadasan and Vali.


vaali mgr

Vali’s lyrics for Shivaji were particularly well-received, with golden songs set to them. Vali writes songs only keeping MGR in mind while writing for MGR. If I dictate, it was on that day that MGR entered politics. Through this song he has clearly told what he is trying to tell the people.

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Like that, MGR was performing to Vali’s lyrics. Vali also entered the shooting site on the invitation of MGR. After seeing Vali, MGR finished acting in that scene and put his hand on Vali’s shoulder and brought him out.


vaali mgr

Wally knew then. That something is a problem. Because normally MGR does not put his hand on anyone’s shoulder. Do that only if there is a problem. Wally understood because of that. When brought out, MGR told Vali that there is a bug in your bottle.

Vali was shocked to hear this. Is my bottle at fault? What error is that? When Vali asked that there was no substance in this bottle, he got very angry. Vali immediately argued with MGR.

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Immediately MGR called a Tamil Pandit who was nearby and asked him to see him. Wally is further shocked when he says there is no substance to it either. He told MGR to edit it immediately or else write another song and then went inside.


vaali mgr

After that, Vali asked the pundit what was wrong, and the pundit said there was no mistake, just not arguing with MGR. He said that he said that for that reason. But Vali, who could not bear it, did not like this song again and even asked him to write something else. But Wally said he couldn’t bear to say no to my bottle, which was flawless, and left.

Then why did you do this by calling GN Velumani Vali, the producer of that film? After this Chinnavar has asked how you will agree to write a song. Wally said that no one can take what I have and no one can give me what I don’t have and hang up the phone.


vaali mgr

Exactly one week later, the same Velumani again told Vali that you should not change that song. Not only that, but he has asked you to write the remaining four songs and told him to go to the garden and meet MGR.

In the same way, I could not forget the words that MGR spoke to me with a real face without putting on a mask when he met Vali in the garden. MGR treats Vali with breakfast that day after saying that he appreciates this courage.

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