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The director who fulfilled Shivaji’s long dream!.. Is this the reason for BR Bandlu division?..

Actor Thilakam Sivaji Ganesan is said to be an acting monster in Kollywood. Aladi is so passionate about cinema and his acting that he knows nothing else but acting. He dedicated his entire life to cinema as acting is my breath acting is my speech. Starting with Parashakti, he took his film career to Padayappa and won the hearts of many.


br Panthulu

The most important film in Shivaji’s film career was Navratri in which he acted in nine roles. Shivaji saw the story of that film in a drama and had a desire to act in a film like this in many roles. Dambachari was the most popular actor on the theater stage in those days. He played 11 roles in a play and was well received. Seeing that Shivaji wanted us to act like this too.

Meanwhile, AP Nagarajan, a famous film director, after watching the play, thought that we should also make a story like this. At that time, AP Nagarajan was acting in another play and Shivaji in another play. One day, AP Nagarajan looked for Shivaji and asked him if he would act because he had a story. Then Shivaji was overjoyed to hear the story. I also wanted to act in a story like this. You yourself came and asked me. The movie Navratri was made after saying Calseed I will give you.



He has already given pictures of baby shower and Kulamal Radhai in the form of Nagarajan with Shivaji. Navratri was his third film with Shivaji. In addition, Navaratri film became the hundredth film in Shivaji’s film career.

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Sivaji, who played nine roles in the film, came and went in each character, and all the characters remained in our minds. Navratri was released on Diwali in 1964, along with SSR’s film Muradan Muthu by Shivaji and MGR’s Padakoti. In this B. Shivaji. R. Bandulu wanted to make Muradan Muthu as his 100th film, but Sivaji acted in that film thinking that his long dream Navratri film should be his 100th film. Marudu Mohan, author of this article, said that this led to a rift between PR Bandulu and Shivaji.



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