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The director who invited Ajith to act without a story… taught him the right lesson…

Ajith Kumar is one of the leading actors of Tamil cinema. He made his debut as a hero in Tamil cinema with Amaravati. Then actor Ajith Kumar started to become successful in the film industry.

Usually Ajith Kumar after becoming a leading man gives a lot of importance to the stories of his film. And he started taking his own place in the cinema from the movie Amarkalam. After that success, he wanted to act in another film produced by Poornachandra Rao, who introduced him to the screen.

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The film was to be directed by Saran, the director of Amarkalam, who gave Ajith a big hit. The title given to the film is the name of the film. Talks for this were also going on. But at the same time there were reports that Ajith is all set to act in his film Red.

But at that time Ajith did not consider it anything. Then on one occasion he gave an answer as to why he did not act in Saran’s direction. Accordingly, when Ajith approached Charan, Charan had prepared only half the story of the film. When Ajith asked about the rest of the story, director Saran said that we can watch it then. Ajith is not interested in acting in it and has started acting in the movie Red because he did not prepare the whole story.

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There are many opinions and rumors about Ajith who gives importance to the story. There were various comments that Ajith did not show up properly for his current film Vidadhati and due to this the film is getting delayed. But Ajith will never give any kind of trouble from his side to the producer or the director of the film.

And Ajith will never give importance to money to act in cinema. Even those who are sure that if we do our actions correctly, we will definitely get the results.

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