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The Enfield Poltergeist mystery explored in new Apple TV+ series

Apple TV+ today releases a new documentary series covering the spooky phenomenon known as The Enfield Poltergeist, perfectly timed for the Halloween season. All four episodes are streaming now.

The spooky happenings of the Enfield poltergeist date back to 1977. A council house in England was said to be haunted. Sisters Janet and Margaret Hodgson were at the center of the happenings. Their parent called the police, reporting she had heard unexplained noises and seen furniture moving of its own accord. Later, there were reports of the children levitating, spooky voices, and more.

The police never found evidence of anything suspicious. Paranormal investigators and journalists would track the family for almost two years, supposedly corroborating the family’s claims. So-called paranormal detective Maurice Grosse made tape recordings from the house, that featured whistling noises, barking, and a voice that was said to be that of the poltergeist.

It is those tape recordings that are brought to life in The Enfield Poltergeist TV show. The series is a documentary rather than drama, but it features dramatic re-enactments of events with the actors lip-syncing to the voices in the tape recordings. It also includes interviews with the people involved, including the children at the heart of the case — now adults.

How to watch The Enfield Poltergeist

You can watch The Enfield Poltergeist exclusively on Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming service for original TV shows and movies. Apple TV+ costs $9.99 per month. Get a free trial here for new accounts (terms apply).

Watch Apple TV+ through the Apple TV app. You can get the app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K set-top box, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox and more. Android and Windows users can watch in a web browser at tv.apple.com. Inside the Apple TV app, navigate to the tv+ Originals tab to find The Enfield Poltergeist and other Apple original content.

Apple TV+ now features more than 200 original series and films. Upcoming premieres include new movie Fingernails, period romantic The Buccaneers and new Godzilla series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. See everything coming to Apple TV+ here.

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