EntertainmentThe fans who were upset with the serious scene.....

The fans who were upset with the serious scene.. The director ran away from the theater… But that’s where the television was…


1959 movie “Kalyana Parishi” starring Gemini Ganesan, Saroja Devi and Vijayakumari. The movie was directed by Sridhar. The film was produced by director Sridhar along with Krishnamurthy on behalf of Venus Pictures.

After the shooting of the movie “Kalyana Parishi” director Sridhar screened the entire movie to the crew. Producer Krishnamurthy, who watched the film in its entirety, did not like the climax scene. Krishnamurthy told this to Sridhar.

Kalyana Parisu

Kalyana Parisu

But Sridhar makes his argument that this climax is the best. When Krishnamurti objected to this, many of the people present divided into different groups. Some supported Krishnamurti’s view. A few supported Sridhar’s view.

As the arguments continued on both sides, at one point director Sridhar took a decision. “Let’s reshoot this climax as you say. Let’s attach the climax we have just taken to the half print of this film. Let’s add a new climax to the rest of the print. Let’s decide which climax the fans like,” he said.



Thinking that Sridhar was so confident, Krishnamurthy said, “No, don’t let this be the climax.” Sridhar prayed to many deities till the release of the film that the climax of the film should attract the fans.

Following this, the movie “Kalyana Parishi” was released in theatres. Sridhar went to the Chennai Casino Theater on the first day to see how the fans were receiving it.

Kalyana Parisu

Kalyana Parisu

Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi Thembi. Sridhar came to know that they were making fun of the scene. At that moment, Sridhar left the theater deciding that the movie “Kalyana Parishi” was a flop.

The owner of the theater saw Sridhar coming out of the theater and said, “Don’t make a decision based on this one scene. Wait till the end of the film for anything” he said and made Sridhar sit in his room.



But an event happened there that was contrary to Sridhar’s thought. The movie was loved by the fans who came out after the movie. Similarly, the climax scene where Sridhar was scared was also liked by the fans.

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