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The fiber does not reach my house, what do I do?

If you cannot install fiber, we show you how to obtain it and what alternatives you have

The fiber does not reach my house, what do I do?
You can connect to the Internet through various means, although fiber is the best

Fiber optic is the best option to have Internet at home. The problem is that some homes cannot be installed due to technical difficulties, lack of deployment of said technology or other impediments. If this happens to you, we are going to explain what What you can do and what alternatives you have.

Request fiber installation

In many blocks or urbanizations, fiber optics are not available because they have not been installed. In this case, we recommend request installationbecause you don’t lose anything.

To do this, contact the operator. We recommend doing it by phone, as it is more direct. Below we will list the numbers of the main operators. We must tell you that these numbers are not intended to request fiber installation, but they are the fastest ways to contact them.

  • Adam: 900 651 112
  • Digi: 642 642 642
  • Fine net: 1777
  • Minimum: 1456
  • Movistar: 1004
  • Orange: 1470
  • Vodafone: 900 922 392
  • Yoigo: 900 831 924

Movistar draws attention. Previously, it had a web form in which you could request fiber installation directly, without carrying out other procedures. However, due to its expanded deployment, there are few areas left to cover, so this was removed.

Alternatives to fiber

It is likely that the operators will not accept your requestsince they have studied where to deploy the fiber. For an operator to install it, several conditions must be met—in addition to it being technically possible—especially that it is profitable or that they have subsidies for the installation, and thus not lose money.

Precisely for this reason, we will show you the best alternatives to fiber. Just because you can’t install fiber optics in your home doesn’t mean you should be left without a connection. It is possible to alleviate this problem through other types of connection.

5G at home

The best alternative to fiber is 5G at home, or failing that, 4G. This technology is identical to the one you use on your mobile phone to connect to the network, but adapted to your home. In this case, receives the signal through a 5G router and then distributes it throughout your home.

What do I do if I can't install fiber optics at home?

Vodafone allows you to contract 5G at home

Their speeds are very highand they can reach 1 Gb, which is the maximum fiber speed for many companies. Yes indeed, rates are usually more expensivesince the convenient and cheap thing for companies is to connect via fiber.

You can hire it with the following companies:





ADSL allowed us to connect to the Internet before the emergence of fiber. Today it is outdatedand the main operators They are dismantling their last copper plantswhich sustain this connection. However, given the impossibility of contracting fiber and 5G/4G, it is an option to, at least, have Internet.

The problem with this technology is that it is exaggeratedly slower than fibersince its limit is usually 30 Mb, while most operators offer 1,000 Mb (1 Gb), and set the minimum speed at 100 Mb. In fact, almost no operator openly offers ADSL, but rather reserves it for those customers that cannot contract fiber.

If you want to contract fiber, it is possible that you already have ADSL and are stuck with it. In this case, you can advance to 5G at home, as we indicated in the previous section, which is better than ADSL, even 4G is. If you want to install Internet, but cannot contract fiber or 5G/4G, contract ADSL. Contact the company and tell them your situation; since it will not offer you an ADSL rate initially, only when it verifies that it is impossible to install fiber and 5G/4G does not arrive.

Rural Internet: satellite always works

If you live in the countryside, or in any area where fiber, 5G, 4G or ADSL are not available, you will always have satellite Internet. In certain places the only option to have Internet is through satellite. This technology uses an antenna to obtain a connection through space satellites, so you do not need to connect to a company headquarters, everything works autonomously, from your home. The only requirement is that the sky is relatively clear.

How satellite Internet works

Illustration of how satellite Internet works (Photo: Viasat)

The problem with satellite lies in its low speed and high price. It is the last alternative to take advantage of, only if the others fail. If you find yourself in this situation, it is possible to obtain a satellite connection through several companies, In this article we show you.

Why doesn’t fiber reach your home?

The reasons why fiber does not reach your home are diverse. The first thing to keep in mind is that the operators that install it are companies, and as companies, they seek economic benefit, so If it is profitable for us to take it somewhere, they will not do it.. This is where state subsidies come into play, which finance companies, paying them part of the installation or offering them advantages, so that they implement fiber to places where they would not do so, as in the case of Adamo.

The impossibility of carrying fiber It can also be due to technical problems. It is possible that the layout of a home makes it impossible to bring technology to it, something that happens in many historic centers, where the facades cannot be altered and, because of this, it is impossible to install fiber. This is usually common, but it is also common for certain residents of a community to block their installation, thinking that it is titanic, when it is simply connecting some cables to a CTO box, which is the same one used to implement fiber.

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