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The film starring Bhagyaraj as the villain… Fans wanted to butcher if they got their hands on it

Bhagyaraj starrer films are very attractive to mothers. He will play the hero in all the films. But he played a villain in the movie Paatthavari Kanniparuvathile. The fans who saw the film were angry with him and wanted to cut the continent into pieces. Bhagyaraj wrote the story and screenplay. Shankar Ganesh composed the music. This is the story of this film.

Rajesh will tame the bull in Manchuvirat. Vadiukkarasi steals his heart. Both get married. On the first night, Rajesh approaches his wife. But she also gets chest pain. If you go to the doctor, he says that this effect is due to cow’s milking. And he says that it is better not to join his wife. This shocks both of them.



In this situation, Bhagyaraj, who comes as Rajesh’s friend, comes from the village to the village. As a friend’s wife, she gets along with Vadukukarasi. Once upon a time an incident leads to a hug between the two. From there, Bhagyaraj tries to reach Vadukkarasi by force.

At the same time, it is revealed that Rajesh is impotent. Bhagyaraj tortures Vadivukkarasi with this. On the other hand, get another marriage, says Rajesh. The story goes like this. The story is about what the pattern maker does.

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The songs Pattuvanna Rosavam, Ghathiya Mathu, Aavaram Poomani are super hits. Although Bhagyaraj played a negative role in the film, it ran successfully for 100 days. Rajesh’s performance in the film is superb. SA Rajkannu produced this film. Directed by Balaguru.

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