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The film starring MGR stopped halfway!.. Do you know the reason?….

Lord MGR built the film industry with his personality. He started acting in plays as a boy and entered cinema when he reached the age of adolescence. Rajakumari started with the film and acted as a hero in many films, created a fan base for himself and became the Chief Minister in the hearts of the people.

MGR will do everything properly. This is the story, this is the script, this is the director, this is the actor who is planning the release. So his target never misses. But can you believe that a film stopped halfway through shooting for several days after his acting?.. But it actually happened.

Paramabita was produced by Saravana Films after Panathottam and directed by K. Shankar, starring MGR, Saroja Devi and others. The film crew planned to release this film in Easement Color in 1961 and started shooting. Then one day he happens to meet Loyola College Principal D’Souza. At that time, MGR told him the story of the film to inquire about the film Paramapitha.

According to the story, MGR falls in love with a girl and the love goes unfulfilled. Also, by chance he becomes a priest in a church. Then, the same woman he fell in love with comes to the church as a nun. Old memories come to both of them. But the story is about how both of them put it aside and do godly work. Saroja Devi played the role of MGR’s girlfriend.


Hearing the story, D’Souza said, ‘The priest should not be discouraged. The protagonist is in love. Therefore, he is not qualified to be a priest…the basis of the story is wrong’, MGR accepted what he was saying and stopped the 2000-foot Paramapita film.

This incident is a great example of how much MGR would value the fair opinion of others.

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