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The film to be played by the captain! Vadivelu had everything going for him – it would have been a strong alliance

Captain Vijayakanth: Today we have lost a good man rather than a good actor. Our captain, who was amazed to see the lion’s gait and roaring dialogue in the movie, was like that in real life as well.

He steals people’s hearts. After MGR, Vijayakanth carries MGR’s fame intact. Vijayakanth, who said to the crowd that came for MGR that Setha will die like this, has achieved what he thought.

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We saw a similar crowd at the time of his death. In this situation, some unforgettable incidents about him are going viral on the internet from time to time. This is one of them. That is the movie Aadhavan directed by Ramesh Khanna and starring Suriya.

Vijayakanth was the first to act in this film. Aadavan film is a story written for him. Vijayakanth also liked it very much. But he has gone to Surya due to his call sheet problem.

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At the same time, Ramesh Khanna wanted to play the character played by Vadivelu. But because this film was produced by Red Giant, Vadivelu had a lot of political influence at that time, so Udaya Nithi said that Vadivelu should make it.

Ramesh Khanna said that a good character that I was supposed to play was missed by Vadivelu.

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