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The floating solar park being built off the coast of the Netherlands may one day be the largest in the world

In the last few decades, although climate change has shown an increasingly worsening trend, and the related 1.5 degree limit value has also come dangerously close, the efforts that take us in a more sustainable direction also in terms of energy can give us hope. Of these, solar energy is currently the most popular, which has certainly become the favorite of renewables.

More and more monumental power plants are being built around the world, which are typically located in abandoned, unused areas. In the Arizona desert, for example, a cover of inverters was recently built over a river, and Q Energy’s investment in live water in France could also be completed by the beginning of next year.

The design work of a brand new solar power plant floating at sea by a Dutch-Norwegian startup, Solar Duck, has recently begun. The device intended for the Dutch coast will be able to produce 5 MW of energy for the time being, but by 2030, according to the plans, it would be expanded to up to 1 GW. If this succeeds, the floating inverters of the Dutch will be able to form the world’s largest marine solar park.

The trial project of Solar Duck will cost 8.4 million euros, which corresponds to approximately HUF 3.3 billion. Before the necessary works begin, Nautical SUNRISE, the construction company created to implement the plans, prepares a thorough impact study.

The power plant under construction is being examined for stability and reliability, and they would also find out what possibilities there are for future expansions. They make future expansion dependent on their results.

A good example is contagious, so if the Dutch succeed, it can help the implementation of similar projects elsewhere. There are many areas near the sea where there is little wind, but many hours of sunshine. There are also opportunities for this in the Caribbean, Japan, South Korea or Oman, which could help reduce gas dependence and carbon dioxide emissions in the long term.

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