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The future of military warfare is no longer based on Terminator, but on Black Mirror

Modern warfare is changing faster than at any time since the advent of submachine guns. Inexpensive and small-scale devices brought about largely by drone and artificial intelligence technologies have leveled the battlefield so that even poorly equipped forces pose a threat to the greatest war machines of the 20th century.

In about 10 years, if the situation of global conflicts follows the current direction, the wider audience will be able to watch “the military and geopolitical upheaval” from the front row, said Mark Sleboda, a foreign relations and security expert, in his Szputnyik Breaking Lines program, in which he reports on the latest events in the world. were discussed by the invited experts, breaking down the effects of the intertwining of artificial intelligence and military weapons, as well as the global shift away from American hegemony.

Speaking about drones and artificial intelligence in warfare, Sleboda explained that new technologies are rapidly changing the battlefield.

“It’s all going to escalate and go full steam ahead. Underwater drones, maritime drones, they’re changing not only land and air warfare, but sea warfare, all very quickly, so control is slipping out of the hands of the great world powers.”

“This is absolutely the world of ‘Black Mirror’,” he added, although he previously brought up the “Terminator” film series as a basis for comparison.

Drones are among the most effective weapons in Ukraine on both sides of the conflict. Russia and Ukraine also use artificial intelligence, including in some drones. Moreover, as Sleboda notes, Hamas used drones very effectively in the October 7 attack against the much better equipped and funded Israeli military.

The changing military battlefield, as well as “the global shift of capital from West to East, the rise of China, the containment of Russia and Iran’s becoming a serious regional power, mainly thanks to the elimination of Iraq by the US, made the United States realize that its global hegemony is beginning to slip out of its hands – argued Sleboda.

“We’ve already seen this world war start, and not with a big bang or just two sides, but a series of local and proxy wars. And these wars don’t really subside. They just pile on,” he said, citing Yemen and Syria as examples, and the rising tensions in Korea and the Taiwan Strait.

“There are so many opportunities for madness,” Sleboda lamented.

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