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The great Motorola milestone to which many of you have contributed

10 years after its initial launch, Motorola reaches no less than 200 million units sold of its Moto G family.

The great Motorola milestone to which many of you have contributed
Motorola promotional image to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Moto G Series.

If we had to highlight some Motorola phone in the Android era Surely we would all agree on which mobile phone changed the life of the North American manufacturer, and it is that after the purchase of the company by Google –shortly after Google sold it to Lenovo-, The arrival of the first Moto G marked a renaissance and the return of Motorola to the best-seller lists of the mobile industry.

The year was 2013 when these well-publicized “failures” were presented inadvertently, very Google, although in any case, the only certain thing is that many of us still wonder If this Moto G has been the best mid-range mobile in all of historywell After him, no one has managed to present us with an economical phone that convinces at firstNot at least in a sea of ​​similar phones where none stands out practically anything.

10 years later, Motorola celebrates the anniversary by confirming that they have sold 200 million Moto G since the birth of the series at a global level, affirming at the same time proud to have transformed the industry and having laid the foundations and “core brand values” with these devices.

Speaking in silver, It was not certain that the current Motorola was the one that worked the miracleand Google had just acquired it to enhance its briefcase of patents and start the path of its hardware divisions, undoubtedly drinking the essence of a successful Nexus which at that time gave way to other options.

Motorola celebrates 10 years of the Moto G family by confirming its success, with a figure that exceeds 200 million units sold globally.

The great Motorola milestone to which many of you have contributed

Infographic with the entire historical line of the Moto G series.

Be that as it may, it is true that The first generation of the Moto G redefined the market and replaced the middle cut, offering Higher level features at more affordable prices to cover that gap that remained between the expensive high-end mobile phones and the less functional low-priced phones.

Many of you will have verified it, because surely a good part of our readers will have enjoyed a Moto G of any generation in this decade, especially of a Moto G4 out of the ordinary in his days.

And furthermore, time has proven Motorola’s people right, well Already in the hands of Lenovo, the Moto G family has not stopped growing both in models and sales until the last Moto G100scam a future that according to the manufacturer is even more promising because they commit to continue “creating more advanced, competitive and desirable products and experiences” for the consumers.

We’ll see what they surprise us with in the coming months!

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