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The great new animation that you will see on your phone every morning after turning off the alarm

At least on Pixel phones, the Google Clock app will now show us a new weather forecast animation that is much more modern and adapted to the Material You style.

The great new animation that you will see on your phone every morning after turning off the alarm
More improvements for the Google Clock app, which now releases new animations.

From among all google apps that you can use on your Android mobile, surely the Google clock is not the most susceptible to receiving improvements precisely because of its basic functionality, which is that of give us the time even in multiple places or regions in addition to offering us a stopwatch, a timer and the management of our alarms.

In any case, it does not seem that Google takes the development of this application as a joke, no matter how basic it is, and that is because improvements do not stop coming Clock while on its official blog Google itself tells us how to design the perfect 24 hour clock and adapt it to mobile phones.

The next big improvement will be in the animations, and that is that if the Google clock had integrated a functionality through which It showed us a temporary animation with the weather forecast when turning off an alarmnow the Mountain View giant has given another twist to this option at least in the aesthetic part.

As we see in the screenshots published by 9to5Googlewhen turning off an alarm with this function activated Such a simple interface with excess text will no longer be displayedbut instead a delicious animation in the purest style of material you in which all the details will appearfirst the current weather conditions, then the temperature in a circle and also the forecast conditions for the rest of the day or the maximum and minimum temperatures.

Here is the old animation and also the new one, in static screenshots:

Of course, there will still be button ‘OK thanks’ to close the forecast and continue using the device after turning off the alarm and checking the weather, although now everything will be more visual and pleasant homogenizing the graphs.

The downside to all this is that Before, we were also given information about the extended forecast the next day, while Now we will only see details of the current day although in a simpler and faster way at first glance.

The great new animation that you will see on your phone every morning after turning off the alarm

The functionality you should know that relies on the new version of the application Google Timeand like almost all of these new features that Google has been presenting lately, For now it is exclusive to Pixel phones.

The update that includes this animation Installs transparently, server-sideso if you have a Pixel it should arrive imminently as Part of Feature Drop announced in December 2023 for Android 14.

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