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The Hungarian Foxpost system was hacked, but the culprit was found – PCW

The Hungarian Foxpost system was hacked, but the culprit was found – PCW


The perpetrator, who has since been arrested, demanded money in exchange for not publishing the stolen user data.

In October last year, a hacker attack hit the system of the courier company Kurrens, as a result of which the attacker gained access to some of the user data. In a letter, the perpetrator asked the company for money in order not to make the sensitive data obtained public.

Foxpost did not respond to the call, but immediately notified the police about the crime. The law enforcement agencies launched the investigation, which has now been successfully concluded, as the person who hacked the system was identified and prosecuted.

According to the logistics company, the attack was made possible by a system update that occurred on October 21 last year, which was announced in advance. During the procedure involving a two-hour service shutdown, the perpetrator had the opportunity to gain access to part of the users’ data due to the combined existence of two small errors.

According to the company, the two security holes individually would not have enabled data theft, but the combined existence of the two little things opened up the possibility. According to the report, the hacker accessed the data on October 30, and wrote a letter to the company about it the same day.

According to the contents of the blackmail message, if the company does not transfer 400 monero cryptocurrencies, i.e. a virtual currency equivalent to slightly more than HUF 20 million, it will disclose the acquired personal data. To prove this, he allegedly sent some of the stolen content via a link.

The extortionist, calling himself Flor De Loto, did not succeed, as instead of paying, Foxpost filed a report with the authorities and at the same time launched an internal investigation to reveal the circumstances of the case. Following the report, the police started an investigation into the case.

“FoxPost Zrt.’s position is firm: we do not give in to blackmail, we do not under any circumstances pay hackers or any criminal group. We believe that giving in to blackmail is not a solution, because it maintains and encourages this form of crime”

– said Ádám Bengyel, the company’s CEO.

This is in line with cybersecurity experts who advise victims of online blackmail not to give in to the demands. One of the reasons for this is that it can give positive reinforcement to the practitioners of certain types of crime, and in addition, it has no coercive effect on the perpetrator not making further demands on us in the future.

After investigating the details of the case, it was also revealed that the hacker – contrary to his claim – did not have all the user data.

At the beginning of December, when Simple was hit by a similar attack, it was rumored that Foxpost might also be involved in the case, then the perpetrator got access to the login data of several thousand users. The courier company denied the reports.



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