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The image of the grown-up actor is a total damage!.. The skinny actor who celebrated with a cargo party?..

While the comedy hero’s image was shattered by the insulting music in a single day, the Olli actor was left with a cargo party in Santhosh.

The actor made the most memorable incident in his life and became a villain for himself by leaking things that the music cannot say openly and destroyed the Kollywood castle that the actor had built little by little.

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So far, the actor has remained silent on the matter, but many stories have been told through the eye, ear, mouth and nose, and from the tea shop to the Tiban shop in Kodambakkam, there is a lot of talk.

A lot of jokes and memes are also doing the rounds that from now on even co-stars will not invite the comedian to house parties. In this case, a new panchayat is circulating among the film celebrities that knowing that the image of the comedian who grew up and hunted for himself has been damaged like him, the skinny actor celebrated this happiness with a cargo party with his friends.

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They all say that the problem will be solved if the actor opens his mouth soon and if the actor leaves it and uses this matter for the promotion of his next film, it will not be good.

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