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The interior of the Cybertruck is no longer a secret

The interior of the Cybertruck is no longer a secret


Days before its launch, Tesla has let out the best-kept secret of its peculiar Cybertruck: it will have an interior similar to that of the Model 3 ‘Highland’!

The video that Tesla doesn't want you to see: the interior of the Cybertruck is no longer a secret
The interior of the Tesla Cybertruck looks quite similar to that of the Model 3 ‘Highland’.

Important weeks you are living tesla at the end of 2023, and not precisely because of a sales success that at this point is neither surprising nor news. Everyone wants a Tesla, at least those who want an electric oneand the orders of the recently presented Model 3 Highlands This is what they attest.

Additionally, the Austin, Texas giant has announced that will integrate Grok AI into its vehiclesand chatbot smart from the xAI factory from Elon Musk himself, thus keeping the tycoon’s ecosystem still together. And that in times when Xiaomi advances with its SU7 electric car and the entire industry is trying to adapt to some rules of the game that Tesla is changing at lightning speed.

Be that as it may, not everything is good at Tesla (or yes), and it is that We do not know if by mistake, carelessness or premeditated acthis next big release has shown too much ahead of time, finally being seen The biggest kept secret of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Surely it is the video that Tesla does not want you to see, and that is because The interior of his peculiar truck had been jealously guarded in all previous presentations of a vehicle get up with a strange, futuristic design, gigantic in proportions and also, why not say it, quite ugly at least for our tastes in Europe.

And we know that it will be a success and will sell well, like everything Tesla does, which as you will see Nor has the brain been racked too much to provide the Cybertruck with an always minimalist interior.following the dictates that have marked the DNA of the North American brand since its birth.

Tesla makes everything minimalist, quirky, and It does it consciously so that its products are not just cars. but rather icons, seeking that those who have bought a Tesla do not say that they have bought a car, but that, a Tesla. It is something that also happens with Mercedes-Benz, and that is Nobody who is brand new one of their vehicles says that they have bought a car ‘to dry’.

In this case, the interior is quite similar to the Model 3 Highlandswith LED light strips, leather seats and a steering wheel halfway between ‘yoke’ and the classicwith the ring closed but in a flatter and almost rectangular shape.

In the video you can also see the backthe tonneau cover in operation and some additional details of a truck that should be released in the United States in just two weeks, the next November 30, 2023. Its approval in Europe, given its characteristics, is another story and will surely have to wait a while.



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