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The Jedlik Ányos award was also presented this year

The Jedlik Ányos award was also presented this year


In the more than a quarter of a century that has passed since its foundation, almost 150 people have received the prestigious award.

This year, one of the most prestigious awards of the National Intellectual Property Office (SZTNH), the Ányos Jedlik Award, was presented again this year.

Farkas Szabolcs, the president of the office, said: the SZTNH can help everyone to ensure that market-leading brands, loved and used by many, remain afloat on the Hungarian and even international markets with the existence of a patent, trademark or design. However, many inventors and businesses do not know: if someone talks about their innovation in any public forum or publishes their achievements, then that information automatically becomes public property, so it cannot be protected. Attention is drawn to the importance of this by recognizing at this award ceremony those who are not only aware of this, but partly owe their success to it, said the president of the SZTNH.

Balázs Hankó, the Secretary of State responsible for Innovation and Higher Education, Vocational Training and Adult Education of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, emphasized in his welcome speech: “Hungary does not have megacities, we are not hundreds of millions of us, but still, in science there are always areas where we were and are bigger than our physical . We will do everything we can to ensure that all the knowledge, determination and creativity that is hidden in Hungarian skulls and intellectual freshness can be given a way and an opportunity, and that it can come to fruition and come to fruition. Let us dare to set big goals for ourselves! By 2030, we want our Hungarian university to be the TOP 100 knowledge centers in the world, and our three universities among the top 100 centers in Europe.”

According to the announcement, Balázs L. György, certified civil engineer, mathematical engineer, lecturer at the Department of Building Materials and High-rise Buildings of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, whose main research area is concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete structures, was awarded the Ányos Jedlik Award.

The recipient of the award is András Guttman, certified chemical engineer, doctor of chemical science, head of the Pannon University Translational Glycomics Research Group and Csaba Horváth Separation Science Laboratory of the University of Debrecen. His research area is the development and application of high-performance capillary electrophoresis systems for the discovery of protein and glycan biomarkers. The exchangeable gels he developed, which can be used for capillary electrophoresis-based DNA sequencing, analysis of double-stranded DNA molecules and protein analysis, greatly contributed to the implementation of the Human Genome Project.

Among the award winners was Tamás Haidegger, electrical engineer, biomedical engineer, director general of the University Research and Innovation Center of Óbuda University. In addition to the control problems of robotic surgery and space remote surgery, his research projects also affect several areas of medical biology – medical technology, surgical robotics and intelligent robots.

Gábor Harangozó, who received the award, is a European and Hungarian patent attorney, deputy managing director of Danubia Szabadalmi és Jogi Iroda Kft. The specialist has extensive experience in patent law and competition law consulting, patent research, preparation and representation of patent and utility model protection applications, and litigation.

Chemical engineer Györgyi Koványiné Lax, whose career is linked to the United Pharmaceutical and Foodstuffs Factory, later known as Egis, received the Jedlik Ányos Award. He participated in the development of the patented synthesis of several pregeneric and generic drugs (for example, piroxicam, tamsulosin). He was an active participant in the development of the rosuvastatin zinc salt production process and the Form I crystalline modification (Delipid 2009), which became Egis’ most important product.

The Jedlik Ányos award was awarded for the 28th time. In the more than a quarter of a century that has passed since its foundation, almost 150 people have received the prestigious award, who were typically inventors, researchers, developers with an outstanding portfolio of industrial rights protection, as well as patent attorneys, lawyers, legal representatives, and office staff – read the announcement of the SZTNH.



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