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the legendary pilot who disappeared around the world

The discovery was made thanks to advanced sonar technology.

They find the possible remains of Amelia Earhart: the legendary pilot who disappeared while going around the world
The first discoveries seem promising | Image: Wikimedia

Today the world of aviation is a safe worldwith more than a century of experience and in which technological progress has been made at an incredible level, thus allowing the vast majority of people to have traveled by plane at some point in their lives and to there hasn’t been any problem. Have futuristic airplaneswe even have robots that can pilot them without any problem. However, in its origins, this was something totally unthinkable, since only pioneers dared to pilot and there were more accepted options for traveling, such as airships.

In this framework, Amelia Earhart was a woman who defied absolutely everything and set out to go around the world. However, she disappeared while she was carrying out this epic successfully. She was never heard of, but it seems that now she can be found, at least according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

An ambitious initiative that can bear fruit

The search for Amelia Earhart has certainly been tireless so far, the iconic aviator who disappeared in 1937 during her attempt to be the first woman to fly around the world in a plane could have recently been found. Using sonar scanning technology, carried out by the avant-garde company Deep Sea Visionspecialized in marine robotics, have made the optimism of finding the remains of one of the most ambitious women of her time become a reality.

These images point to a possible object in the depths of the Pacific Oceannear Earhart’s theoretical landing point, which shows distinctive features, including the double tails that the Lockheed 10-E Electra had, the fantastic plane with which the pilot took to the skies. This has caused Earhart experts who keep her legacy at Purdue University to get to work trying to find her.

The exact coordinates, as could not be otherwise, have not been revealed since they do not want it to be invaded by curious people or that someone could damage the investigation. Now, although this discovery is significant, experts warn that more detailed research is required to definitively confirm that the remains belong to Earhart’s plane.

After failed decades of errors in their search and, above all, contradictory theories about what could have happened. It seems that in the end the issue is going to come to fruition to honor the memory of one of the bravest pilots that have ever been in history. This is a person who challenged absolutely everything to get to where he got, so it will serve to close the story.

In summary:

  • Deep Sea Vision appears to have located the wreckage of Earhart’s Electra plane using sonar.
  • It is not really known if that could be it, but in principle it is promising news.
  • The exact coordinates will not be revealed to avoid any damage to the investigation.
  • It is possible that we will soon know the reasons why his ambitious plan failed.

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