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The lights of Pesti Vigadó are also controlled with Siemens technology

Lighting control and brightness control are provided by Siemens devices.

The Vigadó hall. Photo: Pesti Vigadó

Originally built in 1864 and completely renovated and reopened in 2014, the patina building in Pesti Vigadó underwent another modernization: the entire lighting control of the building was modernized.

The sumptuous-looking, 19th-century-style chandeliers, including the two giant 108-arm chandeliers in the ballroom, replaced the traditional halogen bulbs with E27 sockets with LED bulbs, whose brightness control technology was provided by Siemens Zrt. The company delivered a total of 64 dimmers (universal dimmers) and other additional devices for the decentralized lighting system that was put into use in the summer of 2023. These were installed on site by Robotház Kft., a partner of Siemens Zrt., while the building also hosted many events during this time.

One of the giant chandeliers of Pesti Vigadó. Photo: Pesti Vigadó

These intelligent, new dimmers are also suitable for handling high light loads, and thanks to their extensive adjustment options (dimming curves), they are especially ideal for lighting cinemas, theaters, opera houses or historic buildings.

In this way, the investment not only provides Vigadó with safer, more energy- and cost-effective operation, but it also enables more precise and easier adjustment of the required amount of light in the rooms. So, for example, this solution coordinated with the stage and sound technology is also responsible for the darkening before the performances in the ballroom. In addition, these devices integrated into the KNX building management system facilitate the monitoring of the lighting system: the system provides numerous measurement and diagnostic data and, in the event of a possible error, an accurate status report, which the operators can even manage from mobile devices.

Night view of Pesti Vigadó and Budapest. Photo: Pesti Vigadó

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