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The Ministry of Energy has announced a new timeline for green energy storage developments

In 2024, Hungary will enter a new era of developments that improve the load capacity and increase the flexibility of the electricity network.

A new countdown begins this year in green energy storage developments, the Ministry of Energy (ME) announced. The tenders opened at the beginning of the week support the storage improvements of families and businesses with HUF 137 billion. In a previous tender, an additional HUF 33 billion will be used in grid-integrated energy storage investments. Procurement is already underway in the projects of the transmission system manager Mavir and the distributors, and construction may begin at several locations this year.

The expansion of the total output of solar power plants and solar panel systems after 2022 set a record again this year: the annual increase exceeded 1 gigawatt for the first time the year before last, and last year more than 1,600 megawatts of new capacity was created, so that even twice the originally defined target number, 12 gigawatts, is available can stand by 2030.

As is well known, the rapid spread of weather-dependent renewables poses serious challenges to grid operators and system controllers. Mavir experienced an imbalance of more than 400 megawatts in more than a quarter of a thousand hours last year, compared to less than three hundred the year before. Hours with zero or negative prices have also increased significantly on the domestic electricity exchange: there were 96 of them in 2023, more than in the previous ten years in total. In addition to the rapid growth of renewable capacities, the security of supply can be maintained with green energy storage investments.

In 2024, Hungary will enter a new era of developments that improve the load capacity and increase the flexibility of the electricity network.

Among the measures to stimulate the utilization of green energy, the supporter decisions were already made last year in the program to encourage grid-integrated energy storage. Thanks to the HUF 33 billion state contribution, storage with a total capacity of 38 megawatts and a total capacity of 100 megawatt hours will be installed at 13 locations. Based on the ongoing purchases, the construction works can start as early as the second half of 2024, the developments will be completed everywhere by the summer of 2025 according to the planned schedule. In the largest project, the transmission system operator is establishing a 20-megawatt (60-megawatt-hour) storage facility in Szolnok with HUF 15 billion in support.

According to the announcement, the Solar Plus Program assists families in setting up modern systems that include solar panels and storage. From Monday, business companies can apply for the HUF 62 billion call to encourage corporate development. palyazat.gov.hu page available online. The company program offers non-refundable support and income compensation for the establishment and operation of industrial energy storage facilities for at least ten years. Entrepreneurs can also use the new tools for their own purposes, but they must prioritize serving the needs of the system administrator. The subsidized facilities will be completed by the end of April 2026 at the latest.

With the new green energy storage facilities, the current domestic capacity of around 20 megawatts will increase more than twenty times.

They drew attention to the fact that, in addition to the grant funding, the companies’ development is facilitated by system usage and connection fee discounts that can be combined with the support.

The continuous rise of green energy production and storage contributes to the strengthening of Hungary’s energy sovereignty and the restoration of economic growth, they pointed out, adding that the local use of energy produced from clean sources reduces the load on the electricity network, operating and regulatory costs, and mitigates external exposure.

In addition to green energy storage with batteries, the ministry is also investigating the possibilities of increased utilization of hydrogen and the establishment of at least one pumped-reservoir power plant, the Ministry of Energy wrote in its announcement.

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