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The most elegant mobile phone on the market is this mid-range-premium Motorola with a 200 euro discount

For less than 400 euros you get a mobile phone that we recommend for its extreme power, the quality of its screen, the purity of Android and the 68W charge.

The most elegant mobile phone on the market is this mid-range-premium Motorola with a 200 euro discount
You save 200 euros on the purchase of a mobile phone that displays quality in all its sections.

It is not the best-known mobile phone on the market, but it deserves all your attention due to its elegant design, the quality of its components and the price it currently has. We talk about motorola edge 40a mid-premium range with a performance more typical of the high range and a discount that slightly exceeds 200 euros. The Motorola edge 30 is an exquisite phone that you can buy now for only 395 euros at PcComponentes in the beautiful black model.

This smartphone has an original price of 599 euros, so you can see that the price drop is considerable. If we take into account his history, this is one of the lowest prices ever till the date. If you prefer to get it in a more striking color like red, you can find it for 409 euros at PcComponentesonly 14 euros more. It is much more expensive on Amazon, where the price of the terminal It only goes down to 430 euros.

This Motorola edge 40 we love for its exquisite design, for how good its screen looks and for the surprising performance of its processor. You can use it for any taskalso to take quality photos and videos. In addition, the battery has high-end details, such as the wireless charging 15W. In short, it is a smartphone that ensures you great experience for less than 400 euros.

Motorola Edge 40

A mid-premium range with a 200 euro discount

Getting the Motorola edge 40 is getting a phone with a great build quality. We see it on the back, with a vegan leather finish, and in the aluminum on its sides. In addition, it is one of the lightest mobile phones on the market, with a weight of only 167 grams which makes it feel like a feather in your hands. You should not worry about its protection, because In the box you will find a cover of great quality.

When you turn it on, you will instantly see that it has a luxurious looking screen. It’s about a curved OLED panel with 6.55 inches size, resolution FullHD+ (2400 x 1080 pixels) and about incredible 144 hertz of refreshment. All this translates into images that shine for their high sharpness and extreme fluidity, in addition to having good colors. When you watch multimedia content, you will fully enjoy the images and the excellent sound provided by the speakers with Dolby Atmos.

Motorola edge 40 screen

The AMOLED screen is one of the great assets of this Motorola edge 40.

We are facing one of the best Motorola phones also for him good performance offered by the MediaTek Dimensity 8020. Its power means that the phone can run any app fluently, so you can also use it to play games or edit images. Memory will not be a problem, since it has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. By the way, with the edge 40 you will also enjoy all the speed of the 5G.

This smartphone seems like a great purchase for the future, since it has ahead 3 years of Android updates and 4 years of security updates. Comes directly with android 13a version with hardly any additions that ensures an experience close to that offered by Google Pixel phones.

Motorola Edge 40

As for photography, it has a 50 MP main camera and a 13 MP ultra wide angle on the back, with a lens 32 MP front. All of them have very good quality, you will see it in the photos and videos that you will get. On the other hand, the Motorola edge 40 goes without problems until the end of the day thanks to its 4,400 mAh battery. Plus, it charges in just a few minutes with the 68W fast chargingwhile wireless charging is 15W.

Although it is considered a mid-premium range, the reality is that the Motorola edge 40 offers a close to high-end experience. That is why we recommend take advantage of the more than 200 euros discount what he has now and get it for only 395 euros at PcComponentes. As soon as you start trying it, you will see that it is a total success.

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