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The network has the first reviews and the first minutes of “Spider-Man” on PC in 4K

Reviews of the remaster have surfaced online.Spidermanfor PC – the game, originally released on the PlayStation, will reach computers the day after tomorrow, August 12. At the time of publication of the news, the latest version has 85 points on the Metacritic based on 10 reviews.
The highest score to date, 96 out of 100, was given to the remaster for PC in the publication GamersRD, where the superhero is clearly very fond of. The author notes that Spider-Man by no means disappoints and delivers just as much fun as it did in 2018.
On the Gaming Bolt the remaster was given 9 out of 10, noting that now is the time to get acquainted with the adventure for those who missed it in the past: the new version is the best way to evaluate the game. Spider-Man on PC boasts both excellent performance and various options to help you customize the game the way you want.
However, much more critically reacted to the project on PC Gamers – the reviewer of the publication gave the remaster 75 out of 100. The authors like both the character and the villains, but he writes that the story itself and the gameplay are sometimes far from ideal, and the game is sometimes drawn out somewhere, and sometimes it seems to be in a hurry (and I would like to stretch the pleasure!).

Comparison of graphics on PC, PS5 and PS4

First 23 minutes of Spider-Man on PC in 4K at 60 FPS

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