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The OnePlus Open is cool, but don’t expect fantasies from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

Yes, the thickness will improve with the Galaxy Z Fold6, but it does not seem that Samsung cares too much about improving the photographic configuration of its reference folding.

The OnePlus Open is cool, but don't expect fantasies from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6
The back of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 showing, proud? your photographic system.

It is correct, the OnePlus open get by right the most interesting and attractive folding mobile title of the entire market, and our own analysis corroborates this point in the words of colleague Christian Collado. And yet, if I’m honest, I have the feeling that This does not mean that Samsung will cease to be the reference in a segment that they have practically invented and evolved themselves.

So, it is logical that we are all already waiting for a more affordable Galaxy Z while the flagship of the family strive to be better and betteralthough from South Korea, media related to Samsung such as the electricare lowering expectations a lot many months before meeting the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6.

And it’s not something we can discuss too much, really, because another filter as popular and reputed as @IceUniverse in samsung galaxy themes, he said the same thing at the same time to take away all our hopes:

A better, thinner construction, but with the same photographic system

Although Samsung should give it a twist to turn the sixth-generation Galaxy Z Fold into a flagship Properly saidThe truth is that the Seoul firm follow your own roadmap to continue improving the construction of its folding system, the hinge and the assembly in general, forgetting for now about a photographic system above which will continue to be exclusive to the Galaxy S Ultra.

In fact, everyone agrees that there will be no fantasies with the Galaxy Z Fold6 of 2024but rather an evolution on a body thinner and more comfortable to usethat will maintain the proportions and characteristics that we know of the current ones ‘Z-fold’.

With Chinese manufacturers aiming very high, Samsung is not nervous and will continue its roadmap by improving the format, construction, durability and comfort of use… Will it be enough?

Furthermore, they tell us that The photographic system will not be modified in any casethat will maintain its triple configuration on the rear (50 MP broad12 megapixels ultra wide10MP telephoto) in addition to two other chambers, the internal under the screen (4 MP) and the external one (10 MP) on a hole in the screen.

So it seems that Samsung continues to trust its strategy and believes that the target audience of the Galaxy Z Fold is not looking for cutting-edge photography but rather Construction, durability and format continue to improve to get closer to a classic design smartphone.

We’ll see what they finally teach us with their next foldable iteration, well seen what they are presenting to us from China (many options confined there, yes) At Samsung they are going to have a lot of work to convince us that their Galaxy Z are still the best, which for me they are no longer the best… And what for you, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, OnePlus Open or Pixel Fold?

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