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The Online Account system failed a wholesaler

It automatically showed the different tax practice.

During the risk analysis of the data of the Online Invoice system, the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) found a discrepancy at a wholesaler whose tax practice was not in line with its activities.

According to the announcement, the vegetable and fruit wholesaler operating in the Budapest Wholesale Market was investigated by the auditors of the National Audit Office because the company had declared a remarkably high deductible tax amounting to several HUF 10 million in its monthly VAT returns, which contradicted the realistic course of business.

The tax office gave the chance for voluntary correction, and the company manager was confronted with the revealed anomalies in a legal compliance investigation.

It was pointed out, the legal compliance investigation confirmed the suspicion and the trader admitted that, contrary to the issued invoices, the goods did not arrive in Hungary, so the transactions were not actually completed on the dates indicated on the invoices.

In its self-audits, the company found 152 million forints in back taxes and about 10 million forints in self-audit allowances. He has already paid half of everything, and requested payment in installments for the remaining amount – reads the announcement of NAV.

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