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The only actor who ate on a gold plate in Indian cinema! But his pitiful state in the last period

Actor Bhagavathar: As far as cinema is concerned, every artist is in a situation of how we will be today and how we will be tomorrow. This is not just for cinema. It is a matter of life itself.

There are also people who climbed the roof horn at the same time. There are people who slip and fall at the same time. MK was the one who experienced such a situation. D. Bhagavathar. Bhagavatar was called the superstar of that time.

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Bhagavadhar who stole people’s hearts by singing and acting. Bhagavadhar was the first star hero to get star status and the best Carnatic Sangeeta Tamil singer.

Haridass was the most successful film in which he acted and it ran in the same theater for 3 consecutive years and created a Himalayan record. As far as Bhagavatar is concerned, he has a special feature. He also owned the honor of being the only actor in Indian cinema to eat on a golden plate.

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His situation has been pushed to such an extent that there is no one who has lived like him and no one has fallen like him in Tamil cinema. In the Lakshmikandan murder case, Bhagavadhar and NS Krishnan were arrested and sentenced to 4 years in prison.

After that, they appealed and were released after completing the two-year sentence. After that, Bhagwathar acted in a few films but those films did not get the expected success. So he stopped acting in films.

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At some point there was financial difficulty. Bhagavathar was admitted to a public welfare hospital after suffering from liver disease and left this world.

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