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The person who made Rajini look ugly in the shoot.

Rajini said that if the ruling party comes back to power in April 1996, even that lord cannot save Tamil Nadu. Isn’t Manorama Jayalalitha’s friend? He took the field in support of him. Many warned. But he too stepped in and criticized Rajini. He said that Rajini is the one who has spoiled the youth. He said that if Rajini holds a cigarette in style, the young man who sees it also starts to do the same.

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This made Rajini fans very unhappy. But there was no response from Rajini’s side. Everyone is surprised. The day came as an answer to all this. It was May of the same year.

As expected, the ruling party failed miserably. Manorama lost the market. Arunachalam shooting started in October. The character was created for Manorama in the film. Rajini told him to create it. This was also said by the director of the film, Sundar C. Yeh.

8 months have passed. The movie Arunachalam was a hit. This film gave Manorama a second innings. After 10 years, in January 2008, a ceremony was held to honor Achi’s 50 years of service to the arts. Artist, Rajini and Manorama were on the same stage. Everyone was eagerly anticipating how Rajini would appreciate Manorama.

Manorama 50

Manorama 50

Then Rajini spoke. Billa shooting took place. It is a dump near Chennai. Many people were having fun while standing there. Ask me about me in the country… I danced to the song. Then someone said it’s okay… you’re crazy, play well. I am very upset. Filming itself has become a model.

Immediately, slowly go to the person and grab his shirt and make a noise. They said that I will act only if he is expelled. After that, when he left, the shooting took place. Those who showed such love to me are those Achi. Rajini said that he will bear it no matter how many thousand times they hit him. Then Manorama’s eyes lit up like a 1000 watt bulb.

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