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The producer fell asleep listening to the story… Karthik Subbaraj was devastated… Is that a hit film?!..

Director KarthikSubbaraj: Karthik Subbaraj is the director of the movie Tomorrow Director which was aired on Kalainar TV. He became a director on his own without any background.

He has given many movies like Pizza, Jigarthanda. All these films became hits for him. He has also directed many leading actors’ films and created a unique identity for himself in the cinema circle.

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One of his important films was the film Petta starring actor Rajinikanth. This film is the most important film in his film history. He has also produced some films including Mayadaman.

He is currently directing Jigarthanda DoubleX starring Raghava Lawrence and SJ Surya. The film will release in November. Apart from cinema, he has also directed many web series. He has shown his talent through many web series like Kallasiripu, Navarasa.

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His first film was Pizza starring Vijay Sethupathi. But before the film, he had prepared the story of Jigarthanda starring Bobby Simha. He has now shared his cinema experience in an interview. He doesn’t know how to tell a story to impress the producer. Usually for any film, after writing the story, the producer is asked to read it. One such incident happened in Jigarthanda too.

Jigarthanda has finished writing the story and told it to a big production house. Then the producer heard the story and fell asleep while telling the story. After seeing that, he did not come to tell the story.

Then the producer said tell me more story.. I didn’t sleep. But Karthik Subbaraj then narrates the story in a minute. But the producer rejected the story. After that the producer S. Kathiresan accepted his story and produced the film.

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