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The Role of Colocation Data Centres in Accelerating the Growth of Smart Cities


The Indian urban landscape is expected to experience significant changes in the coming years. A survey noted that, by 2025, 46% of Indians would constitute the urban population living in cities. It was also further estimated that by 2030, cities that house a population over 1 million will increase from 42 to 68.

Such drastic changes necessitate a change in the way a city operates else there will be a considerable strain on natural resources. Smart cities have an imperative role to play in maintaining the modernised lifestyle of urban citizens as they introduce innovative technological solutions and improve the life and economy of a city with the help of technology. This is also where colocation data centres also come into the picture.

What are Colocation Data Centres?

Colocation data centres are physical infrastructures meant for different businesses to house their own servers and other networking equipment. Companies can avail themselves of a colocation data centre if they cannot maintain or afford an in-house data centre or a server room.

In colo data centres, enterprises store their servers alongside those other businesses that have placed their electrical components and equipment in the same data centre. There is a broad range of services available in a colocation data centre like efficient power supply, cooling systems, bandwidth, and physical security.

Colocation Data Centres and Smart Cities

Smart cities advocate the use of technology to improve the lifestyle as well as the economy of a city. It believes that the citizens should interact with their city through technology, reiterating that systems are driven by machine learning and artificial learning.

As part of a smart city, devices will collect data from sensors located in different parts of the city. This data is then assessed and analysed comprehensively to generate custom made solutions. Normally, this whole process would have been undertaken by humans. But by relying on technology instead, smart cities would deliver far more efficient and reliable results.

For instance, a smart city would not depend on traffic controllers or traffic police. Instead, the advanced devices would receive data about traffic jams and congested roads along with receiving suggestions on what route to take.

Similarly, smart cities will also have advanced systems in place for lighting and heating that are designed to work only when the need arises. For instance, street lamps or streetlights will have a mind of their own, they will automatically switch on or off depending on whether someone is there or not.

Now, these devices and systems will be able to run efficiently only if they are able to obtain and assess data for their operations. Also, they should be able to communicate their results and solutions to the necessary parties. One way or the other, data remains at the core of all the processes. All advanced systems will be rendered useless if there is no proper arrangement to take care of data.

Thus, colocation data centres become integral to their growth. They ensure efficient data storage and management for the advanced devices and systems to deliver their competencies. Below we have mentioned the top 3 benefits of a colo or colocation data centre:

  1. Lower Costs: Building and owning a personal data centre for a business can be a costly affair. Therefore, it is relatively cheaper to simply rent a space where the company can house their own servers and devices.

  2. Scalability: For a growing business, this is a bonus point. As the business grows, they can readily add more servers according to their needs and requirements.

  3. Easy Transition to Cloud Storage: Colocation data centres can ensure a smooth transition for companies looking to shift to cloud storage.

Colocation Data Centres in India

Given the rising demands of a smart city, India houses 164 colocation data centres in 26 different areas . STT GDC India, a leading colocation data centre service provider, offers exceptional facilities and services like redundant power, network, security, storage, redundant cooling components and more.

They have 21 state-of-the-art data centres across 9 cities, namely, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmadabad, Noida, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Explore their website today to know more about how they are contributing to pave the way for a digitised.


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