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The second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra could be closer than you imagine

We do not know if this year Apple will raise the barrier of those 999 euros for the Watch Ultra, but it does seem that in 2023 we will see a new iteration of its most powerful smartwatch.

The second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra could be closer than you imagine
The gigantic (and powerful) Apple Watch Ultra in close-up.

Not all news from Manzana we met them in the WWDC 2023and it is that the Cupertino giant will still have to update most of its catalog of mobile devices, with the iPhone 15 in the oven and one second generation of the gigantic, powerful and very expensive Apple Watch Ultra which might be closer than we all expect.

Not in vain, as reported by colleagues from 9to5Mac following the trail of himself Mark Gurman in Bloomberginside of the roadmap Apple for this second half of 2023 They are contemplated from a new larger iMac with a 30-inch screen to the new iPhone and in effect this renewal of the Apple Watch Ultrathat in the end it is his wearable more advanced.

In this 2023, always according to leaks, we should expect new iMacs from Apple, the iPhone 15 in all its flavors and an Apple Watch Series 9 family that will include a new generation of the gigantic and very expensive Apple Watch Ultra.

The sources say that the Mac line should not be renewed until the beginning of 2024so in the computers part we should see new iMac with 24-inch screen and a new model that will increase its size until the 30 inchessurely the natural successor to iMac Pro but this time, how could it be less, going to the Apple Silicon chipset.

These products they are in “early development”apparently, so could be delayed most likely.

The ones that won’t be late are Apple mobile devices for this 2023which will land the next fall Following the usual calendar of an Apple that will present the iPhone 15 in all its versions and one new generation Apple Watch Series 9, along with an Apple Watch Ultra update which has reaped an almost unexpected success seeing its price of 999 euros.

We know that this Apple Watch Ultra 2 will exist (if it is finally called that), but for now we do not know any hardware details or news about it that will surely have to revolve around miniaturizing the package and making it more comfortable.

The bad part is that We do not have any details or leaks regarding what news it will include this Apple Watch Ultra 2, if that’s what it’s finally called, so for now it will be time to keep waiting movements from Cupertino. In any case, we can speculate that Apple could have made it smaller and more comfortable without losing benefits and specifications.

And now to finish, those who wait will also have to wait new iPad tablets, which according to Gurman will arrive in 2024, or a third iteration of the AirPods Pro that is also in “early development” and it will take a few more months in making itself available to Apple fans.


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