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the secret US plan to dominate the seas

Among autonomous submarines, this is enormous in size, although it pales in comparison to manned submarines.

A gigantic autonomous submarine: the US's secret plan to dominate the seas
This submarine seeks to dominate the depths

Submarines have become a key element in our planet’s oceans. Not only for war, since some millionaires are considering building underwater yachts to take luxury and standard of living one step further. However, submarines remain eminently military or for deep scientific research. In a world in which the arms race is at its maximum and with China creating hypersonic cannons All the world powers are bringing their new creations to the fore. In this case, we are talking about an American submarine fully autonomous.

A submarine to change the rules of the game

In accordance with Boeing’s own news blogThe company, dedicated to air, space and maritime vehicles, has developed and delivered the first unit of Killer whalea fully autonomous submarine that can carry out missions completely independently.

It is the culmination of more than a decade of pioneering work developing a fully autonomous underwater vehicle with a high payload capacity and that can operate completely independently of your host vehicle – Ann Stevens, vice president of Systems and Intelligence at Boeing Maritime.

The vehicle, which has had a significant extra cost, has been tested for years and has finally shown that has unique capabilities that can forever change the way we maritime fleets They are related to the oceans both in war environments as in military maneuvers.

I had the pleasure of witnessing our team bringing the first submarine of its kind to life and am proud of their innovation, perseverance and unwavering commitment that has brought the most advanced and capable of all the UUVs in the world – Ann Stevens, vice president of Systems and Intelligence at Boeing Maritime.

In terms of its features, it is a vehicle not tripulated what is used to carry very heavy loads and what can surf solo for months going completely unnoticed due to its advanced technological capabilities. In terms of its autonomy, it has been achieved thanks to a hybrid engine system between diesel and electric. However, not much more is known about the technology it uses due to issues related to the security of the device itself and the fear that espionage from other powers could ruin this type of technological device.

This is a vehicle that will change the rules of the game for fleets – Ann Stevens, vice president of Systems and Intelligence at Boeing Maritime.

At this point, many will see the size of the Killer whale and they will think that it’s not that big. And so, compared to the size of other manned submarines, this one is quite small. However, if we compare it with other unmanned submarines This one is absolutely gigantic.

To summarize, we find the following:

  • Boeing has created a new submarine.
  • Its peculiarity is that it is autonomous and can be at sea for months without human intervention.
  • Not much is known about its internal technology.
  • It is a submarine that will be used exclusively by the United States Navy.
  • They assure that it will be able to change the existing rules of the game regarding this type of technology.

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